Do you know how out of ordinary things you can make a beautiful decoration for your window? No, then I will show you now, and, of course, I will tell you how you can make lingonberries with your own hands. For this we will need: - Beads of red. - Black beads. - Plastic bottle of green color. - Fine wire (preferably copper). - Scissors. - Nylon panty hoses. - Pot. - Candle. - Matches. - Sisal is green. Well, let's begin? We take the wire and put on it one bead of black beads. The ends of the wire are put together, we twist them together and put on a bead of red color. I did not have beads of red color, but I easily found a way out of the situation by painting the white beads with varnish of the desired color. Yes, it is better to take the red beads larger, so it will look more beautiful berry.
 put on the bead
 put on the bead
For one sprig we need 3 berries (or at your discretion). In this way,make the right amount of berries.
 the right amount of berries
We put the berries together and twist the wire together. This is what should happen.
 The billet for the sprig is ready
The billet for the sprig is ready, put it aside for a while. Now we need a plastic bottle of green. From it we will cut out the leaves. To do this, you need to wash the bottle, wipe it well, cut off the neck and bottom, then cut the bottle further along. From this material we will cut 3 leaves with rounded edges and sprigs.
 give the leaves beautiful forms
With the help of an ordinary lit candle, we give beautiful leaves. To do this, the leaf needs to be slightly melted over the fire, only twigs do not need to be fused. Leaf does not need to bring close to the fire, as the plastic may turn black. Here you can see that on one leaf the edge is not much black, but neither is there anything terrible, you can just cut another sheet and replace it withthe resulting.
 give the leaves a beautiful shape
The leaves are ready (I advise you to make the right amount of leaves at once, what would not be distracted from creating twigs. you can also do it at your own discretion.) Now let's take kapron tights and cut off a strip 1 cm wide, the length will depend on the length of the wire (twigs).
 Let's start harvesting a twig of our cowberry
Let's start harvesting a twig of our cowberry. We take a billet with berries, apply one leaf to it, so that its twig would be pressed against the stem of the cowberry and tightly wrap it with a nylon strip. Next, apply the second leaf and in the same way we wrap it with nylon. We do the same with the third leaflet. After all the leaves have taken their "place" (the leaves can be distributed over the entire length of the stem, and you can do it like me, just from above), we wrap the stem with the nylon strip to the end. The end of the strip can be fixed with glue, or it can be set on fire and quickly pressed against the stem. Be careful not to burn your fingers.One sprig is ready.
 Let's start collecting a sprig of our lingonberries
As you already understood, we make the right amount of branches in the same way You can even make berries from different beads. I got 15 tricks. There are only 4 pieces in the photo.
Take a pot and “plant” twigs in it, and sisal of green color on the edge (we imitate grass). You can pour earth into the pot itself, but if you are making such a craft for the street, it would be better to pour plaster or cement into it and until the solution hardened, put twigs in it, and leave at rest until the solution is completely dry.
Beautiful lingonberries, made by hand, will look original and impressive on any window sill or in the garden.

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