Lipofilling, or why pump fat from the abdomen to the buttocks

Timur Khaidarov, a plastic surgeon at the Time of Beauty clinic, told us why women decide on such an unusual operation.

Recently, the plastic industry has become a very fashionable operation, which is performed with the help of ... fat! Scientifically speaking, lipofilling is a method for correcting age-related changes in the face and body contours, the essence of which is to transplant (transplant) one's own adipose tissue from one zone to another. That is, to reduce the stomach and increase the buttocks in one procedure is absolutely real.

By the way, it is rumored that Kim Kardashian herself loves this procedure!

Lipofilling, or why pump fat from the abdomen to the buttocks
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Some women choose lipofilling for material reasons: it’s no secret that 2/3 of the cost of plastic surgery costs implants. And a double result - the fat from unnecessary places goes away, and the buttocks and chest become more magnificent. The dream of many women came true?

Like any operation, lipofilling also has complications, and it turns out that the effect of it is not for life. After some time, up to 60% of the transplanted fat is split.

We askedplastic surgeonabout all the pros and cons of lipofilling.

In fact, the procedure has been in demand for more than 10 years in America and Europe, in countries where plastic surgery is more developed. Initially, this method was invented to correct defects in those places where there is a lack of its own tissue.

Lipofilling has become famous for treating scar tissue: stem fat is contained in its own fat, and it is believed that it germinates well and takes root with vessels and nerves. But gradually, lipofilling leaked into plastic surgery: they began to use it as a filler for face makeup instead of hyaluronic acid in order to enlarge the lips and remove nasolabial wrinkles. Due to the fact that there are stem cells in their own fat, skin rejuvenation occurs.

But the most popular use of fat isbuttock modeling.

Lipofilling, or why pump fat from the abdomen to the buttocks
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The procedure of lipomodel is that from one part fat is taken, for example, from the abdomen, relief and correction are created, and adipose tissue is transferred to the buttocks. Since an increase in implants has a number of difficulties and complications, the result does not always satisfy the clients,Initially, with an increase in the buttocks, a combined method was used - implantation and transplantation of adipose tissue, but with time lipofilling completely replaced the implant, and today it is more expedient to use your own fat. The area of ​​the buttocks is very capricious and has many nuances.

The operation is shown to both men and women from 20 to 45 years, while the muscular frame is well developed. The operation is carried out not only under general but also under local anesthesia, and the postoperative period is mild and only requires wearing compression underwear for a month for the skin to take on a new look. Hardware lifting also fixes the result, and any stimulation of the skin improves the result.

As for the transplanted fat, it gets acclimatized well, but there are nuances - if it is introduced incorrectly, there may be complications and body tuberosity will appear. The procedure is safe with proper handling and administration. With hormonal disorders and obesity, the procedure can only aggravate the situation.

Of course, since fat tends to split, only 30–40% survive for a lifetime.

As in every plastic surgery,There are disadvantages to lipofilling: if you increase the breast only with fat, you can increase by no more than half the size, and the fat is absorbed, and it can also take root poorly. It is also better for the face to prefer fillers to fat, and with an increase in the buttocks there is no better lipofilling procedure.

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