Little secrets of the perfect body

The beautiful body is distinguished by smartness and the absence of cellulite. How to achieve this?
1. Every morning start with a massage with a hard washcloth or a special brush. This stimulates blood circulation, which means that the skin becomes firmer. Just do not overdo it!
2. Need to urgently lose a couple of pounds? Stop salting food. According to nutritionists, it is the water that salt causes that weighs so much.
3. We praise vegetable fats, and they are really very, very useful. But do not forget that in addition they are very high in calories. Therefore, one tablespoon of oil in the salad will be quite enough.
4. Too intense workouts can prevent weight loss. The fact is that the body perceives them as stress, and during stress, the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for the accumulation of fat, is produced. The same effect will be observed from the inaudible consumption of black coffee.
Now about skin care:
1. Creams should be applied only on dry skin! Therefore, after a shower should be wiped well, as tap water is merciless to the skin.
2The solarium is absolutely harmless if you spend in it no more than 3 minutes at a time. During this time, UV - rays will not have time to damage the skin.
3. Of course, the products from the sauna line are perfectly fragrant, but they should be applied only once or twice in the morning. Before this, it is recommended to stimulate the skin with serum.
And finally, a few more points.
1. Body cream can be used as a wrapping agent if applied with a thick layer and wrapped in cling film. By the way, it enhances the effect of creams for body shaping.
2. During sleep, growth hormone is produced, which is also responsible for the balance of fats in the body. The peak production is in the period from 22 to 2 hours, provided that you sleep. Therefore, the "larks" keep their slimness longer than the "owls".
3. The benefits of omega-3 fats (fish oil) for skin have been minimal in recent studies. But the combination of vegetable omega fats - 3,6,9 + vitamin C - a great, useful and easily digestible complex. So do not be lazy to take in a pharmacy extract evening primrose.
Be beautiful!

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