Little "White House" in the forests of Sweden

Swedish design is famous for its quality and attractiveness, but despite this, every new design decision from this Scandinavian country continues to surprise us again and again. Before you - a tiny house with an area of ​​only 57 square meters, lost in the depths of the Swedish forests.

It looks truly amazing and strikes with cleanliness and accuracy. This house was built over 40 years ago, in 1975, however, after a recent restoration it looks new and modern.

It has only one floor, where there are two bedrooms and one bathroom. The view from the forest house is simply beautiful, and its veranda is an ideal place to relax.

Let's take a look inside. The white color that prevails in the interior decoration is harmoniously combined with warm pastel tones, and the large living room looks like the ultimate dream. The kitchen is designed simply, but at the same time, taking into account current trends, and the lighting installed there is quite suitable for a late dinner or cooking.

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