Love for 200: Buzovaya fans get paid for performing vocals at concerts

And so that adolescents do not forget the words, they also hand over the lyrics with money.

Another scandal around Olga Buzova. The social network got information that the singer and TV presenter is paying her fans for a warm welcome at the concerts. They say they pay not so much - 200 rubles per person. But teenagers, it seems, have no complaints.

So, how to earn two hundred at a concert? For this money, you will be asked to chant “Buzova” violently and shout out the words from her songs - in general, nothing complicated.

Jun 12 2017 at 5:23 pdt

“How nice it is when a cappella sings with you the whole Palace Square! To tears ... to a shiver in the knees ... you are my life! I love you, ”Olga wrote in Instagram. And subscribers, hearing the news about bribing fans, hit the singer with angry comments.

The singer was opened by a pensioner from St. Petersburg who came with her grandchildren to a concert on June 12 in honor of the Day of Russia. Then, among others, Olga Buzova also performed at the Palace Square.

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“At some point the grandchildren disappeared from my sight.There were satisfied, and two hundred rubles each with a piece of paper. And there the chorus of the Buzova song on the printer is printed, and when it is necessary to chant “Buzova”, - the woman wrote in one of the groups devoted to the show “Dom-2”.

“I met this for the first time in my 65 years,” the pensioner was indignant. - My grandchildren were bought for two hundred rubles each, in order to shout what is beneficial to Buzova. What a shame I saw at my age. Never was this the same at one concert, neither at the theater, nor in the concert hall, nor in the open spaces of my Peter ”.

However, many did not believe the words of a St. Petersburg pensioner. Someone demanded to show those printed instructions for the fans. However, the woman did not answer the questions of commentators.

“I don’t like Buzov, of course, but I don’t believe in it,” wrote one of the members of the group Darina Frank. “I’m not far from working there, and I heard what was happening there because of her arrival, they really love her and many came to the concert for her sake.”

Olga herself attacked the pensioner decided to ignore. It is possible that the message about bribing fans is really not true, and the singer just wants to blacken. After all, Buzova in one Instagram almost 10 million subscribers.Olga collects stadiums, so she certainly doesn’t need to buy fans' love.

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