Love the delicacies? Then find out how much the most expensive fish costs.

Fish is not only tasty, but also extremely useful dish, containing a huge number of essential trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, it must necessarily be present in the weekly menu. But the kind of fish you can choose based on their taste and financial preferences. If you like fish delicacies, we suggest finding out how much the most expensive fish in the world costs.

Rating of the most expensive fish specimens

In order not to immediately shock our readers at exorbitant prices comparable to the cost of a personal plane, we suggest starting our review from the tenth position of our TOP.

Fugu fish

This is a very dangerous specimen, popular in Japanese restaurants. A small drop of fugu poison that got into the meat due to improper cutting can instantly kill a person.

To obtain a license for the preparation of this fish, the chef must have the highest qualifications.Despite the fact that in Europe its serving in restaurants is prohibited, and in Asia every year a few dozen people die because of its poisoning with poison, the puffer remains a very popular dish.

A small portion of it can be estimated at $ 500, which allowed this fish to take the honorable tenth place in our rating.


The main value of this breed is caviar, one hundred grams of which is estimated to be at least $ 2,500. Such a huge price is due to its unique taste characteristics and the fact that the albino albino spawns under ordinary conditions quite rarely. During this period, it can reach a tonne or more, and the amount of caviar passes over several hundred kilograms.

Due to the unstable ecological situation and poaching, the population of this fish has practically disappeared. Currently, it is listed in the Red Book and is bred mainly in the conditions of rare private fish farms.


This freshwater fish from the Belug family, belonging to the sturgeon family, is also listed in the Red Book.

In 2014, in the Ussuri River, Chinese fishermen managed to catch one of the biggest fish in their lives.She was Kaluga, weighing more than 600 kg, including 100 kg of caviar. According to experts, the cost of this instance was $ 200,000.

Considering that the catching of the “river beluga” is prohibited, the caught fish was sent to the nursery.

Russian sturgeon

At the beginning of the last century, the most expensive sturgeon in Russia was caught in the Silent Pine River.

According to expert estimates, in terms of current money, the cost of such an instance would be $ 289,000. And all because the sturgeon fish was weighing about 1.2 tons, including more than 200 kg of delicious caviar of the highest quality.

Fish with sacred signs

TOP-10 of the most expensive fish specimens continues fish caught in Dubai.

Her breed is unremarkable, and the maximum that she could count on was getting into the lunch menu. However, her fate was drastically changed by the rare color, in which the inscription “Allah” was clearly visible, in Arabic script.

A local businessman offered to buy a unique copy for $ 700,000. However, Dubai authorities indignantly rejected such a proposal, recognizing the fish as urban property.

Platinum Arovana

Although this fish belongs to the category of aquarium, but not commercial, it would be unfair not to mention it in our ranking of the most expensive specimens.

Agree, not so many aquarium fish can be valued at $ 400,000. Namely, the Singapore collector paid so much for platinum Arovana to please his eye. The transcendental value of this beauty is due to its unique platinum color, impeccably monochromatic color. Thanks to this, its owner announced that he considered Arevan to be a work of art and would not agree to part with his darling for any money.


The honorable sixth place in our ranking is, by right, tuna, and not one, but three.

The main admirers of this fish delicacy are considered to be the Japanese, consuming the bulk of its global catch. This country has been breaking records for several years in the cost of sold copies of tuna.

The record holder weighing 269 kg in five minutes of the auction was sold to the owner of a fish restaurant in Tokyo for 730,000 US dollars. The next-sized carcass weighing 200 kg went for 230 thousand, and the smallest tuna weighing only 108 kg was estimated at 178,000 US dollars.


This small fish, reaching a length of about half a meter, has gained wide popularity thanks to the tourist action, held annually in Austria.

The bottom line is that 75 marked fish are launched into the pond. The capture of one of them, with a special mark, is estimated at $ 1 million. By the way, fishermen who managed to catch any of the remaining 74 individuals also do not remain in the loser. True, the reward here is much more modest, "some" $ ​​10,000.


In second place we are again met by two tuna, sold for fabulous money. So, in 2013, a blue copy weighing 222 kg was purchased by the owner of a Japanese fish restaurant for 1.76 million US dollars.

An absolute record for the cost of its breed is tuna, caught in New Zealand. It is noteworthy that a woman was able to catch a giant weighing more than 411 kg. This fish was sold for $ 2.02 million.

Tiger shark

The leader of our ranking of the most expensive fish species is the tiger shark, famous for its bloodthirstiness. Fishing for her is open because of her fins, skin, meat and especially the liver, which lovers of delicacies appreciate.

But in this case, the value of the shark determined not its culinary value, but the buyer's generosity. The fact is that initially the fish was needed by a fashionable artist from the UK to create an exposition for a private collector. However, due to the poorly performed embalming process, the shark began to deteriorate, so the owner decided to get rid of it at the auction.

According to available data, the American millionaire has got a “stuffed” fish for $ 12 million.

As they say, the rich have their quirks. And although you and I are unlikely to get a million to catch a barramundi or eat plenty of albumen beluga caviar, please yourself and your loved ones with healthy dishes from other available species of fish species - everybody can.

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