Luxury dress in linen style

One of the most important symbols of femininity and sexuality of any girl is the right dress. In this season, underwear style is very popular. Although his idea is far from new, it does not lose its attractiveness for the majority of designers who include such clothes in their collections every year.

So what to wear a dress in a linen style, and who will suit this exciting and charming outfit?

What are the features of this style of clothing?

For the first time dresses, very reminiscent of underwear, appeared among lovers of bohemian parties in the era of Art Deco. But to the masses this style was carried out by the provocative Madonna in tandem with Calvin Klein and Jean-Paul Gautier. Since then, other famous designers have recognized for the dress in the linen style the right to exist as the main item of clothing in everyday life.

What is the peculiarity of this style? In his brevity and candor. Thin straps, deep cuts, transparent laces, inserts and long cuts are appropriate here.The cut is often quite simple and free, although models with clearly defined cups and corsets are also popular.

This dress may look like:

  • The combination is one of the most favorite options for fashionistas. Its obligatory elements are thin straps, lace in the bodice and hem, and a smooth, flowing fabric, usually silk. The length can be very diverse: both above the knee - for young girls, and up to the middle of the calf or on the floor - for evening exits.
  • Shirt - resembling the cut of men's or nightgown with long sleeves. Naturally, as a material, more delicate and transparent fabrics are chosen, which are decorated with lace. Another trend are dresses in the form of shirts in ethnic style. Natural cotton and linen fabrics are used for their tailoring, and embroidery or knitted lace is used as decoration.
  • Dressing gown - the hem of such models flows into the floor, there are often buttons in the front that openly unbuttoned to the thigh line.

The color scheme of these dresses is designed to continue the theme of sexy underwear. Monochromatic pastel shades are most often used, although delicate floral ornaments are allowed. Traditional colors are white, beige, pink.

Lovers of brighter tones will not remain disappointed: designers offer them models in red, green, black, dark blue and brown.

Is this trend the privilege of young girls?

Far from it, no. Just buying this piece of clothing should focus on the features of your figure. How to choose a dress?

Short combinations will emphasize the freshness of the young girl, but will not be very appropriate for a mature lady. It is better for her to opt for a longer version of this dress or to give preference to an equally attractive style of a shirt or robe, which successfully hides some features of the figure.

Slender girls with a boyish silhouette can not long reflect on the choice: they are suitable for any options for the linen style. Ladies with curvaceous lengths shown in the floor and asymmetric cut. The beautifully shaped breast is emphasized by brightly defined cups or corset, as well as the bodice decorated with guipure. If a girl wants to hide excessive thinness, draping at chest level or a cascade cut will come to the rescue.

What is better to wear outfit?

It all depends on the image you want to create.

If you want to use this beautiful dress for an evening out, you will definitely need high-heeled sandals. Ideally, if they are made of thin leather straps that open up the leg as much as possible. Shoes also have the right to be, but only if their noses are open, and the style does not make your legs heavier. Remember that shoes in beige color, the most repeating shade of your skin, can visually significantly lengthen the legs.

As accessories, select a small clutch on a thin chain and jewelry, extending the silhouette: earrings-pendants and long chains.

As for the length - it all depends on the event and its dress code.

The linen style is also great for creating a casual look, as evidenced by the numerous photos of celebrities who prefer the “little” dress in everyday life. In this case, you should stop the choice on the dress of medium length, which can be combined:

  1. With a summer satin or silk trench coat and a coat, complemented by laconic boats in beige color.
  2. With a sleeveless jacket with an elongated cut in combination with sandals or ballet flats. Jacket fabric can be both cotton and thick.
  3. With a jacket and a cardigan made of fine wool or cashmere. As shoes you can choose ballet flats, sneakers or oxfords.
  4. With a knitted sweater, which will effectively emphasize the tenderness of the lace hem. Depending on the season, shoes can be very diverse: ankle boots, loafers or boots with a wide shaft.
  5. With a denim or leather jacket that will create a real street style. Experts recommend supplementing the image with tight tights, sneakers or ankle boots with heels or wedges and a small handbag with a chain.
  6. Over leggings or narrowed trousers. Dress length should not be too short. This bow is suitable for slim and tall girls. It is better to stop the choice on one scale or to give preference to the classic combinations: white-black, red-black, etc. The image can be complemented with a leather belt and a roomy-sized bag.
  7. With a coat of plush texture that goes well with a satin dress. Coarse boots or oxfords are perfect for this. A hat is weak and a long knitted scarf will give you a special chic.
  8. With a blouse, shirt or turtleneck. This is a rather complicated "bow", with the choice of the components of which it is easy to make a mistake. In any case, give preference to light fabrics, not weighing the figure.Boots with a thick heel in combination with tight tights will complete the formation of the image.

As for jewelry, it is important not to overdo it. Dresses in the linen style in themselves are the main "highlight", so they should be shaded, and not overloaded with accessories. There will be enough earrings and a choice: a long chain, scarf or choker choker.

Observing our simple recommendations, you can always find the perfect dress for yourself, which will emphasize your femininity as much as possible and make you the object of close attention from the male half. The main thing is to choose and wear it wisely, emphasizing the dignity of your figure and the sophistication of the existing sense of style.

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