Lychee is an unusual but very healthy fruit.

If just a few years ago, you could see only domestic fruits, as well as tangerines, kiwi and bananas on the shelves of shops, nowadays the assortment of exotic fruits is so wide that at times the eyes diverge. Have you ever tried lychee? Be sure to try!

What is this fruit?

Lychee is the fruit of an evergreen tree, reaching 20-30 meters in height (most often 10-15). The fruits themselves are small, oval or round in shape. They are covered with dense red skinned with pimples.

Exotic fruit

Inside it is possible to find a juicy jelly-like flesh of white color and a rather large brown bone. In food, only the flesh is used, everything else should be thrown out. The taste of litchi resembles something similar to the sweet and juicy flesh of the grapes.

The history of such a fruit goes back a long time. Even the ancient Chinese used fruits in the II century BC. Then lychee was grown in neighboring countries. For example, today such fruit is one of the most popular in the southeast of Asia.

It is consumed fresh, various jelly and other desserts are made from it.Today, the fruit can be bought almost everywhere (especially in large supermarkets).


The composition of litchi includes many useful and necessary for the human body substances: disaccharides, monosaccharides, ash, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, pectin, vitamins PP, C, E, K, B9, B2, B6, B1, manganese, selenium, copper, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and much more. Calorie content is low and is only about 60-70 calories per 100 grams of pulp.

That's how they grow up


We list the beneficial properties of lychee fruit:

  • The substances included in the composition, first, remove from the body harmful cholesterol, and secondly, strengthen the walls of the vessels and relax them. Such properties allow using litchi as an excellent means of preventing atherosclerosis.
  • Potassium, which is part, helps strengthen the heart muscle and normalize the work of the heart and blood vessels. Lychee is used in some countries as a very effective means of preventing diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as strokes and heart attacks.
  • With the help of such an exotic fruit can strengthen the immune system.
  • The composition contains antioxidant substances that help the body to fight free radicals that cause the development of cancer and premature aging.
  • Long since this unique fruit is considered to be a potent aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire and normalizes potency. Some call lychee the “fruit of love.”
  • Lychee is useful for anemia, because it has iron.
  • Pectin, which is part of, firstly, improves digestion and stimulates intestinal motility, and secondly, promotes the elimination of toxins and slags from the body.
  • This fruit is useful for weight loss. It is very nourishing and perfectly satisfies hunger, but at the same time it is low in calories and gives a charge of energy due to proper carbohydrates.
  • Lychee is useful for the liver, kidneys and pancreas.
  • Such a fruit can be consumed by people with diabetes. The fact is that litchi has a relatively low glycemic index, so that when consumed, the blood sugar level will remain normal.

Is it harmful?

If we consider the contraindications of litchi, then we can distinguish only individual intolerance to the components. In addition, this fruit is exotic and unusual for us, so it can cause allergic reactions.

Side effects are also absent. But if abused, there may be increased gas formation.So eat such a fruit within reasonable limits.

Peeled and no

It is also possible to give lychee to children, but start with a minimum amount, watch the reaction and do not overdo it. One or two fruits a day will be enough.

Where can I buy?

Today, lychee can be purchased at almost any major store. Its price is quite high and amounts to about 300-500 rubles per 1 kg of fruit. Low cost often attracts buyers, but if it is too low, then this should be alarming.

How to choose?

How to choose lychee? Here's what to look for when buying this fruit:

  • Inspect the rind. It must be dense and intact, free from damage, stains and blotches. The skin color should be red and quite bright. Pale shade and brown color will speak of stale fruit.
  • Take the fruit and shake it. If you do not hear the characteristic thud (it occurs when the pulp is stressed on the peel), then the chosen fruit is most likely rotten and spoiled.
  • Inspect the place of attachment of the fruit stem. If you see mold marks, white or black spots there, refuse to buy.
  • Smell the fruit. Fresh lychee has a light and unobtrusive floral scent and smells like rose. But if the fruit is overripe, then you will feel the heavy smell of cloying spirits.Rotten fruit smell unpleasant, mold.
  • The size of the fruit may be different, but too large fruits should be alarming.

How to store?

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Fresh fruits are stored at room temperature (no higher than 25 degrees) for no more than two days. By placing lychee in the refrigerator, the shelf life can be extended to 4-5 days. Also, the fruit can be frozen and stored in this form for up to 3-4 months.

How to use?

How is lychee? It's simple:

  1. To start, clean the fruit. To do this, make an incision on the tapered side of the fruit, gently pick up the skin and remove it.
  2. If desired, cut the fruit into two halves and remove the bone.
  3. Enjoy the taste!

It is best to eat litchi fresh, this fruit is very juicy and sweet. But you can dream up.


What can be cooked from litchi at home? We offer several options:

  • Add lychee to fruit salads, cakes and pies.
  • Make a delicious lychee ice cream. To do this, take 500 grams of fruit, half a cup of sugar, 1 cup of cream, 1 bag of vanilla. Fruits need to be cleaned and chopped in a blender to a puree state. Whip the cream well with sugar using a mixer.Enter into the cream of litchi, mix everything gently and send to the freezer for a few hours. Ice cream is ready!
  • Prepare an exotic jelly. Prepare 2 glasses of apple juice, half a mango, 8 lychee fruits, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 bag of gelatin. Heat the juice, dissolve sugar and gelatin in it. Peel the litchi fruits, remove the stones, cut into slices. Mango cut too. Place fruit on the bottom of the form, fill it with juice, send the container in the refrigerator for the night.

Enjoy the benefits and taste of lychee!

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