Makeup for blondes

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Blondes have always enjoyed increased popularity among men. All due to the fact that light curls already give the skin a fresh look. And the look thus becomes expressive in itself. Blond hair emphasizes the advantages of the face and hides its flaws. But how to strengthen the dignity and emphasize the eyes?

The whole look of goldilocks speaks of romance and tenderness. The strong sex tries to surround the care of such girls, parading knightly qualities. The main purpose of fair-haired beauties is the preservation of this image. Even if you are dyed blonde, these qualities are still present in you. Particular care is important to observe when creating everyday makeup. It is easy to cross the border, which separates tenderness and vulgarity, elegance and cold.

Bright light multiplies the contrast, so you need to carefully select the tones.

Features of day makeup

For fair-haired girls, the key feature of daytime makeup is naturalness.The main purpose here is to hide the shortcomings and enhance the features: blush, light skin tone, lip gloss, beauty of the eyes. Careful attention should be paid to the means to create a tone. They should be as close as possible to the shade of the face.

Makeup for blondes

In the course of choosing a powder or tonal basis follow these rules:

Do not use thick products that create a layer of "plaster" on the skin. Here it is better to pay attention to light, transparent cosmetics;
tonal basis should be with the effect of moisture;
If you need to hide flaws ("bruises" or redness), then use concealer. It contains many pigments that give a dense layer;
Do not be afraid of regular use of tonal foundations. They do not dry out the skin if the required moisture is used.

Daytime makeup for blonde

For blondes, daytime makeup is appropriate at all without shadows or with the use of tones of light beige. Suitable cosmetics with a moderate shimmer, it gives the eyes shine. The inner edge of the upper eyelid is lightened with a corrector in a shade of beige or cream. The entire eyelid is covered with shadows, the foundation, they should also highlight the area under the eyebrows.

The line of eyelashes (they are usually light in blondes) is subtly outlined in a dark brown or gray tone. Black should not be used, it will be too prominent. The same applies to carcasses, prefer shades of dark blue, gray or brown.

It is important to emphasize the tenderness and natural beauty of the shades of the face and curls. To do this, use natural colors in everyday make-up.

For everyday makeup is prohibited:

the use of dark tones of shadows;
a mix of contrasting colors;
emphasizing the eyes by drawing wide arrows;
using bulk mascara.

As for blush, for daytime make-up they should be in brown, light pink or peach tone. Brown color is suitable for brown-eyed blondes, peach and rose are light-skinned, and coral blush is suitable for owners of porcelain leather.

Makeup for blondes

Makeup artists advise to use a wide brush for feathering in order to smooth the edges of the blush to the maximum. The final alignment of the tone is done using a powder puff using matte powder.

With regards to lipstick, in this situation it is better to choose a transparent shine. Bright color during the day will be too contrasting accent.

Professional tips for perfect daily makeup:

First, determine your skin tone. If there are pink tones, then they should be equalized by using tonal means with hints of vanilla, beige, ivory. The shade of pink is suitable only for pale-faced beauties. In summer, use gold tones suitable for tanning;
There are traditional options for make-up eyes, but today they do not use relevance. This refers to blue or pink eye shadows, eyeliners in silver color. Today the shade of gold and bronze is popular;
if you are dyed blonde, then you will have to find a compromise between the dark color of eyebrows and eyes and lightened curls. Prefer cosmetics in color beige and peach. If you have bright eyes, use colorless lip glosses;
for pale skin, the best choice is considered to be darker in tone than the native lip color;
in the daytime it is not necessary to distinguish lips with an outline;
Blush are chosen to match the color of lipstick.

Eye makeup for blondes

A key role in the creation of makeup play eyes. Let's figure out how to properly create eye makeup for blondes, taking into account their features:

Grey eyes.

Most of the fair-haired beauties of nature have exactly this shade of eyes. When choosing a make-up gray-eyed beauties should be aware of the measure, because this combination of colors looks delicate. A lot of cosmetics looks vulgar, "eats" natural tenderness. Makeup should be based on naturalness.

When choosing a foundation or powder, it is important to select natural shades that suit the natural complexion. Remember that the hair brightens the face a lot, so you should not create a porcelain mask on it. Dark tones are also not desirable.

Makeup for blondes

To reflect the depth of the shades of the eyes, shadows in silver, blue, gray, brown, green or purple tone should be used. It is important not to forget that the eyes of gray are also called "chameleon", because they are able to change the shade according to the surrounding color.

The ideal choice for lips is coral or pink. Do not be afraid to use balsams and gloss with shimmering particles.

Blue eyes.

Between the features of the make for gray and blue eyes is not much difference, but some nuances are present.

If you have fair skin, powder in a light pink tone will suit you.The base should be a natural shade. And to highlight eyebrows color should not be black (this is a general rule). It is required a couple of tones darker than the curls - in the color beige, gray, brown. The same rule applies to eyeliner. It is worth taking a blue or blue pencil. Such a shade will enhance the color of the eyes.

Eye color has a lot of influence on the choice of cosmetics. Pay attention to this nuance when creating makeup.

Blue eyes should be shaded by shades of violet, sand, turquoise or sand color. It is not necessary to be painted with blue shadows, it will only discolor the look. When choosing it is important to pay attention to the hair color. For too light curls fit gray, light blue or silver shade.

Lipstick is suitable in shades of delicate pink.

Green eyes.

For green-eyed shades of brown are suitable: from chocolate to gold. In addition, it looks beneficial combination of brown and green, or by itself green. Another option is gold, purple or copper tones, mustard or khaki. It is important to say that pink and blue are not at all suitable for this eye color.

With regards to the pencil, it is also required darker by 2 tones than curls.Brown or gray - depends on the type. A warm tone is appropriate for spring girls, and cold for summer girls. The same rule is used in the selection of tonal resources.

Green eye color is usually found in the summer type of girls, because it is important to choose a tonal tool for the shade of sand or ivory with yellow pigments.

Makeup for blondes

Eyes can be distinguished not only by dark tones. Gently look eyes, let down white or any light pencil.

Brown eyes.

Blonde with similar eyes often can not be found. And this means that it is important to emphasize the beauty of this combination. The best choice for daily makeup will be the shadows in shades of gold, peach and brown. Do not be afraid to take shades of lilac, pink, olive.

Ink is allowed black and brown. These eyes are very expressive, because it is important to try not to focus on the lips. Neutral lipstick in the color of beige or rose will be the best choice.

General tips stylists:

A fashionable trend is diversity. The most popular shades are shades of emerald, coral, pink, beige and all natural tones;
In this season, special attention should be given to the eyes. Select them;
a smoky eyes make-up and soft lips are appropriate for an evening look;
for everyday makeup do not use bright shades. Shadows use a minimum, it is better to focus attention with ink;
do not give too much eyebrows. Naturalness is important here;
Do not do the same makeup. Try a variety of options, change the image.

Evening makeup for blondes

Blondes have always liked men. Properly selected evening makeup will help blondes to create a spectacular image. When creating such a makeup it is important to follow the rule - the emphasis is on one element: on the eyes or on the lips.

Makeup for blondes

If you decide to accentuate your eyes in a festive make-up, then you need to choose the shade to match the color of your eyes. Choosing the right tone helps to emphasize the shade, and the look becomes alive.

Warm colors suit emerald green, gold, brown and peach with green-eyed gold-eyed hair. For blue-eyed and gray-eyed beauties a suitable choice will be cold colors: gray, lilac, blue, blue. For blond hair with a touch of honey, light colors are suitable, and ashen beauties are warm. If you are brown-eyed blonde, then choose shades in bronze and gold colors, sometimes blue and gray tones are appropriate.

In a festive make-up, the emphasis should be on one element: eyes or lips. You can not do a contrasting make-up, because it looks vulgar.

If the main focus of make-up is on the look, then lips are painted with light lipstick: beige, pastel, light pink.

When creating an emphasis on lips, it is important to choose these lipsticks: coral, burgundy, bright pink, raspberry, red. At the same time, the look should not be distinguished, but the creation of an expressive make-up is required. With bright shades of lips, bright shadows with shimmering particles and black arrows look good.

Remember that when performing any make-up, and especially festive, blondes need to use blush. They make the face voluminous, expressive. Hue blush is required to combine with a lipstick tone.

Star makeup

Consider the option of star makeup for blonde girls from Charlize Theron. This beauty grew up in South Africa, she is a fan of the sea and the sun, and in make-up she uses tones that emphasize tan. Let's try to repeat the California make-up of the actress to bring in warm notes:

Solar effect basics.

First apply a leveling base to the skin.And on top of it with a brush - masking cream. The latter should fit your skin tone. In order to establish the accents of the sun, you will need to apply a blush of golden tone or powder with bronzer. Blush blush cheekbones, and to get glare of the sun, apply powder with bronzer. It should be applied to the temples, the protruding part of the chin and cheekbones in a minimum amount.

Makeup artists advise for the proper selection of the color of the stem to take into account the shade of the hair:

platinum blondes need to avoid blush in shades of copper, they stand out too much against the general background. The best choice would be pink and apricot tones;
gold hairs should opt for the shade of the average between peach and rose;
girls with the effect of frostbite or balajazh on the hair are suitable for blush shades of copper, gold, brown and ocher.

Makeup for blondes

An important point - skin tone. Pallor can be accentuated by applying pinkish and reddish pigments in rouge. They revitalize skin tone. If your face is olive shade, then look at the rouge in the color of coral, brown or peach. And gentle pink tones are suitable for everyone.


To make a solar make-up, choose a combination of satin shadows that emphasize tan, as well as light golden or complex brown. In this situation, the effect of weakened flicker is required, so that the makeup does not look vulgar.

First, apply light golden shadows over the entire surface of the eyelid and the inner corner of the eye. It is important to make up and line the lower lashes. Apply a brown shade to the outer corner, blend, but do not cross the eyelid border.

California makeup is perfect for a summer day. Combine the right shades to create sun accents.

In the course of creating a Californian make-up you should try these combinations for the eyes:

khaki or olive (always with a golden shimmer) and brown;
milk chocolate and apricot;
golden and gray. But it is important to shade the last color with gold in order to get a complex tone.

Eyelashes and contour.

To create a bright look, draw a contour using a dark brown pencil along the line of the upper eyelashes from ¼ century to the outer corner of the eye, blend. Mascara is required to apply in two layers.

Eyebrows and lips

Eyebrows, it is important to shade a suitable pencil, give them a shape and a little shade.

Make-up lips will require a natural shade means, which fits your own pigment. That is, it is important to use natural shades - an advantageous option.

But the Californian make-up also allows other, brighter shades that fit blonde girls: coral, peach, carrot.

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