Mayo Clinic Study on Statins and Stroke

Mammograms: #WhoNeedsThem?

Sep 27, 2012
mammograms: who needs them?

Who really needs a mammogram, when, and how often? With all the conflicting information and opinions out there—from various health organizations, to the government, to what your own doctor and your friends may tell you—it can be tough to sort through all the noise. Prevention tackled the issue, and now it's YOUR turn to tell us what you think.
As Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicks off October 1, join@PreventionMagon Twitter to share your thoughts on mammograms, using the hashtag#whoneedsthem. Chime in on the controversy, pester your mom or your best friend to make her appointment, and tell us how breast cancer has touched your life—or how a mammogram saved it.
We'll be tweeting along with experts, survivors, and advocates, including @KomenfortheCure, @MDAndersonNews, and more.

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Mammograms: WhoNeedsThem
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