Marble manicure is a great idea for nail design.

Spectacular and well-groomed nails - the key to success and confidence of any woman, because the fair sex, who are sensitive to their own appearance, are well aware of the need to look perfect from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head.

An ideal manicure is not always easy, as we would like, the classic techniques get bored, even artistic murals are no longer so pleasing to the eye, each time more and more I want to please myself with something new and completely non-standard.


Perhaps you should try the unusual marble manicure, which, recently, has enjoyed quite a lot of popularity among the fair sex, as well as among the masters of nail design.

Everyone knows perfectly well what marble is and how it looks in nature. Unusual divorces that replace each other and are mixed in an interesting and unique range of colors always attract the eye.

Frozen in the eternity patterns can be easily conveyed with the help of standard varnishes of different shades, for this purpose several techniques have been invented that allow to decorate marigolds with so-called marble effect.

Interesting idea

Each of the techniques differs not only in the way of execution, but also in the result; the drawings obtained with the help of each of them will differ significantly. What's nice, please yourself with such unusual patterns under the power of each girl, for this you do not need to have any artistic skills, just pick up the shades of varnish, which will harmonize among themselves.

If you are interested in how to make a marble manicure at home, we will specifically tell you more about each of the techniques in more detail.

Marble nail design with cellophane

Any newcomer can cope with such a technique, it's easy to achieve a natural effect, the main thing is to observe all the main points. So where to start? It's simple: you need to prepare marigolds, for this we carry out the standard procedure of hygienic manicure: we remove the remains of the old varnish, treat the surface with a polishing nail file, remove the cuticle and apply the base layer.

Blue with white

It is very important that the surface of the nail plate is polished and smooth, the only way to achieve the main similarity with marble. Basic steps:

  • We choose lacquers, which I will create a marble coating: try to choose tones that are close to natural, it is important that they blend and harmonize among themselves. The most interesting and classic are combinations: gray and white, white and blue, white and black + brown, white with blue and even with pink. Also prepare a colorless varnish or a special fixer.
  • We apply a colored varnish on the nails, which will become the base color. It is important to wait until it is completely dry, and only then proceed to the next step of the process.
  • We prepare 10 small pieces of food film (you can cope with the usual cellophane), crush them into small lumps. Next, apply the next layer of varnish, different from the previous one, so that the effect is maximum, choose contrasting tones. Then, without waiting for the second layer to dry, apply the film several times to the nail plate, which you prepared in advance.As a result, lumens of the first layer of lacquer, like marble impregnations, should appear. You can hold the film, both hands and tweezers, so as not to get dirty. Each nail is decorated in a similar way separately.
  • If you notice that the top coat of lacquer is too easy to clean, leaving too large gaps, then apply a second layer, wait until it is fixed slightly, and only after that repeat the film manipulations. Usually, such difficulties can arise when using a varnish that is too liquid in consistency.
  • There is a final touch: after the surface is completely dry, we coat the nails with the usual transparent varnish to give them the maximum marble effect. After all the creative experiments, the area around the nail plate will have to be treated with nail polish remover to remove its excess. Manicure ready!

Marble manicure with water

There is another way that allows you to decorate your pens with an equally attractive version of a marble manicure, due to the fact that water is used in the process, it is sometimes called “water”.

Original but not neat

The result is very effective, and it will take a little time, a maximum of half an hour. To perform it you will need: varnishes of several shades, a toothpick, a thin brush, a bowl of water and a varnish-fixer. What we do:

  • Nails are subjected to preliminary hygienic processing.
  • In a bowl of water we drip a few drops of varnish of one of the shades, it will immediately begin to spread. Further, without waiting until it hardens, we drip the next shade, it will also spread slightly. We repeat the manipulations several times until the entire lacquer space is completely filled with multicolored circles.
  • Next, we take a toothpick and a brush, we begin to create our marble pattern, which can be seen in photos with this technique. And those who have a fantasy whipping over the edge, and this is not needed, because drawing on the water surface is fascinating, the main thing is not to go too far with the number of lines. This should be done carefully so that the varnish does not curl, remaining completely on your toothpick.
  • Before you dip a finger into the water, along the perimeter of the nail plate, glue it with adhesive tape, so you will minimize it with a varnish.Now lower the finger into the water with the nail plate down, parallel to removing the excess varnish from the remaining surface of the water with a toothpick.
  • Keep your finger in the water for about a minute, then take out, give the varnish to dry and erase the excess varnish around the nail with a special liquid.
  • The final touch is the application of a transparent fixer.
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