Mark Zuckerberg became father for the second time.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his spouse Priscilla Chan became parents for the second time. Upon learning of his wife’s second pregnancy, the happy father expressed the hope that it would be a girl (because growing up with her sister is a great happiness!), That’s what happened. The baby was named Ogast (translated from English - August), symbolically, because she was born at the end of summer. Mark Zuckerberg told about the replenishment in the family with even greater joy than about the success of Facebook, leaving a touching message on his page as “a capsule of the message:“ Augustine, we love you very much and are happy to go all together in an adventure called life. Do not rush to grow up, enjoy every day of childhood. My mother and I wish you joy, love and hope. "

Mark Zuckerberg does not want to miss the first months of his youngest daughter’s life, so he takes maternity leave again. The company Facebook provides all its employees a four-month vacation, which can be divided into parts. The head of the company will take advantage of this: September will spend with his wife and daughters, and then reunite with them in December,to prepare and together spend the most family holidays in the year.

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