"Marry me," said the guy with a phrase made up of 90 cars.

On the night of March 23-24, the friends of the loving couple, Anna Dmitrieva and Alexander Bavykin, posted the cherished phrase “Marry me” in the parking lot of the city park “Grad”.
declaration of love of 90 cars
Photo: Maria Tkachenko

The idea of ​​the original proposal for the girlfriend belongs to the best friend of the bride Maria Tkachenko. “We have been friends for more than five years,” says the organizer of an unusual autofleshmob. - For all the holidays I am preparing surprises for Anya. When I learned that Sasha decided to organize an engagement modestly and at home, I realized that I had to take everything into my own hands. ” Maria agreed with the administration of the shopping center, asked all the familiar drivers from different cities to take part in a romantic flashmob, and also ordered a car lift so that lovers could see the phrase from a height. “I set the fees at 19.00,” says Maria. “But by the time only five cars arrived.” Further from 110 only 60 cars got.This is a merit of Dmitry Ilyin, a member of the community "AutoMob_Voronezh36". Still, there was a catastrophic lack of vehicles to complete the phrase. Then we went outside and began to stop passing cars. As a result, when Sasha appeared with Anya, everything was ready. I told my friend that I was preparing a surprise for her birthday. Just on March 23, Anya was 22 years old. ”

Photo: Maria Tkachenko

Everything happened as in a beautiful melodrama. “When Sasha and Anya went up to the tower,” Masha recalls, “I asked the drivers to turn off the headlights and turn off the engines. There was silence in the parking lot. At that moment, when the bridegroom pulled out a wedding ring and a bouquet of roses, music began to play, and the cars flashed and flashed.

Anya to the last did not know what awaits her
Photo: Maria Tkachenko

Wedding for lovers is scheduled for June 25th. Maria abandoned the role of witness, then Anya and Alexander offered their best friend to become a godmother for the future baby.

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