Master class in kindergarten - spider

Master class in kindergarten - spiderDoes your baby need to bring an interesting crafts to kindergarten? We offer you a creative and at the same time simple option - a spider with your own hands. This fun craft is sure to please your child, and the process of creating it will be easy, and will bring a lot of pleasure.


To make such a spider is very simple and for this you will not need to look for hard-to-access materials or suffer from complex schemes.


What materials will be needed:


- black paint - gouache is the best, but you can use any other, the main thing is that it is easily washed off;
- paper plate or flat plastic container, preferably with a diameter of 15 cm;
- plastic eyes - you can buy ready-made in a special store or draw yourself;
- paper - cardboard or plain paper of medium density would be an excellent option;
ribbon or thin band.


How to make a spider:


1. Pour some black paint into a plastic plate or other container.
2Have your child dip each hand in the poured paint.
3. If there is no container at hand, you can very carefully pour the paint into the palm of your hand and rub it evenly over the entire plane of the hand.
4. Now your child needs to stick his fingers apart and lay his hands on a piece of paper, as shown in the photo. In this case, it is better to place your hands as close as possible to each other.
5. Wait a few minutes until the paint dries on the sheet.
6. Now carefully cut the resulting pattern along the contour of the handprints.
7. In order to make the spider legs, bend the back of the fingers slightly in the figure.
8. Got the resulting spider two eyes in the middle.
9. You can also pierce a hole in the upper part of the product to insert a rubber band or ribbon. So you will have the opportunity to hang an odd job. In addition, you can glue a thin stick on the back to control the spider.


Master class in kindergarten - spider


The process of creating this craft will surely please you and your baby. Doing something with your own hands is always very interesting, especially if the result is such an original and cute creation.


If your baby wants the spider to look more fantastic, you can add additional decorations.


How to decorate a spider:


- a brilliant spider - spread it with glue and then sprinkle with multi-colored spangles;
- rainbow spider - put on the handles paints of different shades, lean your palms on the paper, as a result you will get a very colorful and funny hand-made article;
- fluffy spider - cut dark colored woolen threads into small pieces and sprinkle the product with them, after having smeared it with glues;
- a stylish spider - the product can also be decorated with rhinestones, this option is more suitable for girls.


Give your child a fantasy so that he can make a truly creative craft. The main thing is that the creation of a spider brings a lot of joy. Sure, your baby will be pleased with the result and will happily show it in the garden.


Master class in kindergarten - spider


You can always attach such a spider somewhere in the children's room. It will look great on the door handle or on the edge of the eaves. In addition, you can save this craft and see a few years later how tiny the hands of your child were.After all, drawings with prints of children's hands always bring a lot of pleasant memories.


You can also use this idea when decorating your Halloween home. In this case, you can make a few spiders and attach them in different parts of the apartment: on the front door, on the refrigerator, on the edge of the TV or hang it from the ceiling. In addition, you can create a whole garland of multi-colored spiders, and decorate it with a room.

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