Means for rapid hair growth

Some useful tips

Give your hair a few minutes before bedtime to comb and massage your scalp with a massage brush. Just do not use a brush with metal teeth - they scratch and injure the hair roots. It is better not to be too lazy to buy a wooden brush - a massager. Wash your head with lukewarm, almost cool water, because it has been proven that hot water promotes the secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands.
Excessive amounts of smoked foods, spicy seasonings, rich foods, sweets, alcohol and coffee contribute to the isolation of fat.
Try to eat foods that contain milk, meat, soybeans, eggs and legumes, as well as calcium, strengthens hair. Do not lean excessively on diets, the body during them is starving and loses the necessary substances. After washing, soften and smooth the hair by smearing it with a balm conditioner or an express mask.

What means grow hair.

Rapid hair growth causes them to be rinsed with various herbs.especially burdock, train, chamomile, nettle, elderberry. Walnut is beneficial for hair growth: 2 tbsp. raw materials pour boiling water, insist half an hour. Infusion is necessary to rub into the scalp, then rinse their hair completely.
Mustard is recommended in the composition of the mask: 2 tbsp. powder mustard mixed with sugar, 2 enough tablespoons. , pour in 2 tbsp. spoons of boiling water to dissolve the sugar, and get a homogeneous mass by mixing these products. Then pour one yolk and 2 tbsp. l any oil. Rub the grub deep into the skin and roots, and lubricate the tips with oil to protect it from drying out. The first time is enough to hold at least 15 minutes, wrapping his head with a woolen scarf. It is enough to perform this procedure once a week, increasing the exposure time of the mixture on the hair, despite the burning sensation, up to 1 hour. Mustard warms the skin, opens the pores, where it is easy to get useful substances from this mask.
Another “building” product is gelatin. It contains protein, so it is so useful for the structure of the hair. Dissolve 1 tbsp. gelatin in 3 tbsp. l hot water, stir, break and rub all the lumps, let stand for a while to swell.Pour into gelatin 1 tsp. shampoo, mix, apply on hair, wrap in plastic. After half an hour, wash your hair.
Gelatin, as a stimulator of hair growth, can be taken by mouth.
To flaunt a beautiful head of hair, you will need a lot of patience, but thanks to the means for hair growth, you will be able to shorten these periods and cause excitement to those around you with their chic curls.

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