Mechanical or quartz watches: which is better?

Appearance and brand name is what people most often pay attention to when choosing a watch. The value and functionality of the product. Especially if it will be used during travel, sports, hiking. Another important criterion is the type of mechanism. It can be mechanical or quartz. Each type has its advantages.

The mechanical clock is a work of art.

Without exaggeration, the watch movement is their heart. And if it is also mechanical (that is, not quartz), this adds additional value to the accessory. Because mechanics is a complex and very thin system, the details of which are turned and assembled by hand. Each mechanical watch can be called a work of art. They will suit those who appreciate the skill of watchmakers and crazy about the magic of springs with gears.

Mechanics are often more expensive than quartz products with the same functionality. This is due to the complexity of the mechanism and its production.Such watches have a number of advantages:

  • Almost always demonstrate the status of the owner. Watches with manual or automatic winding are inseparably associated with Swiss manufactories.
  • Subject to repair, very durable. They are often handed down.
  • The winding mechanism is designed for a very long life. It must be recharged, batteries are not used. This will please adherents of an eco-friendly way of life. Moreover, with the manual production of watches there is virtually no waste.
  • They look beautiful and stylish.

Practical quartz watches for the modern man

In the watch market, the scale has shifted towards quartz watches long ago. They are practical and functional, weigh less. And most importantly - on average, they cost much less than mechanics. Such accessories are produced in large enterprises, which determines their moderate cost.

Products with quartz movements have their advantages. For example:

  • No need to remember about the winding, which is suitable for the forgetful. The battery will work 2-7 years. A great option is a solar model. Ideal for conscious consumption fans who don't want to spend a lot of money on expensive mechanical options.
  • More durable and resistant to shock. Mechanical models also have anti-shock protection. But it does not even come close to that used in quartz products.
  • Very accurate, the error is usually a fraction of a second per year.

The watch market uses excellent quartz movements from brands, and nounheim options. Better to trust branded. The leader in quartz devices is the Swiss company Eta. She is followed by Ronda also from Switzerland. Japanese mechanisms are also very popular: Miyota (used in Citizen, Seiko, Casio products), as well as Citizen and TMI Seiko.

In general, you can not say which watch is better. But you can choose the best under the situation and purpose, lifestyle of the owner. It is also important that a person wants to tell the world with his accessories and appearance, and that he is more comfortable to use.

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