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We want the parents in the house to change the roof, the old one began to leak completely. We decided to cover the roof with a metal tile. Tell me where in Moscow you can buy it.
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Answered on January 4, 18:01
You have chosen one of the popular roofing materials due to its practicality and long service life. We covered the roof with ceramic tiles. It is more expensive than a metal tile, but it has a longer service life, better heat and noise insulation, and is more resistant to frost.
Vasiliy Yashin
Vasiliy Yashin
Not always such a feature about the duration of the life of the roof. For example, on the site, the company Roofing WORLD has information about shingles, the warranty period is up to 20 years. I want to order shingles for the house to check what its operational capabilities.
Answered on January 18 14:23, to Sergey |
Answered on January 4, 18:05
We have a roof of ondulin. In my opinion, this is a more practical and environmentally friendly roofing material. It is very simple to install and most importantly - is relatively inexpensive.
Answered on January 4 18:10
We are also going to change the roof in the spring at a country house in the suburbs. After reviewing a lot of information, we stopped at a metal tile, it has an optimal price-quality ratio. This roofing material is resistant to corrosion, hermetic, resistant to mechanical stress. You can buy a metal tile here. Find out if their prices are suitable for you.

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