Methods for fast and high-quality cleaning of garlic

It is known that garlic ordinary has a specific smell and is not very pleasant to taste. Despite these properties, it is popular with lovers of delicious and healthy meals. It is used both in pure form and as a food supplement (seasoning).

Without garlic, you can not prepare such famous national dishes as Ukrainian borsch, hot Korean salad, original Italian pasta, as well as Asian rolls and Russian dishes.

Thanks to the addition of garlic in some types of domestic salads, the latter acquire a specific taste, attracting lovers of delicious and healthy food.

From the history! From ancient times it was believed that garlic scares away the evil spirit. He was made of amulets in the form of garlands, which hung around the house.

Since garlic is in demand as a food product - the question of its correct and quick cleaning at home, is important for the hostess.

Disassembly and preparation

Garlic cloves

Garlic product is stored, as a rule, in the form of solid heads (onions - according to the old dictionary) in a special container that provides good ventilation and long-term preservation.

Attention! Some mistresses store it with ready-made slices (or "denticles"), laid in wicker vessels.

Regardless of the method of storage, under certain circumstances (due to violations of the moisture regime and a number of other reasons), garlic begins to rot and rot. This misfortune compels the hostess to touch the garlic. The procedure ensures safety.

Select dry heads that have a suitable appearance. After that, divide them into separate lobes, which in the future, clean.

Effective methods for cleaning dry garlic

Peeled Garlic


This method is used by cooks in the kitchens, if already separated chives of dried garlic are selected for the dish. A separate lobule is placed on the cutting board, after which the knife is taken and pressed flat on it with the palm.

As a result, the dry husks of the denticle burst, and to completely clean it, it is enough to pierce it with the point of the knife and remove it.

Important! If you have a knife with a wide blade, you can clean several denticles at once.

According to professional chefs, thanks to the application of this method, the product takes on a convenient form and becomes more fragrant.

Bank and bowl

The method is suitable only for well-dried denticles. They are placed in a cleanly washed and dried glass jar or bowl with a lid. For this method, a small saucepan will do.

The container with the lobules is shaken intensively for a minute or two. At the end of the procedure, the contents of the jar will be divided into two parts: a husk and a pure product.

Manual cleaning

With this method, as in the previous one, only garlic can be released from the husks, which has been dried well. Divide the onion into small slices, and then take each and roll on a flat surface of the board or countertop, pressing them with a palm.

Another variant of the method consists in rolling the lobules between two palms. After that, the husk is screened between the fingers, and well-cleaned teeth remain on the palm.

Special tools

The same principle is followed by a special silicone cleaner made in the form of a small napkin with jagged edges.

First, cloves of garlic are placed on a napkin, which is rolled into a tube, and then rolled several times with the palm of a hard and flat surface.

Unlike the previous example, the hands do not leave traces and smell of garlic. Buy this device can be in the specialized department of the supermarket.

Video Tips

Cleaning of poorly dried (raw) garlic

Cold water

When storing garlic in a humid environment (in a refrigerator, for example), after a while it dampens. Previous methods of cleaning are no longer suitable, but water will perfectly cope with this task.

Before applying this method, place the divided denticles into a clean container, fill with cold water and leave for half an hour. At the end of time, the husks will get wet and fall behind without help.

Boiling water or microwave oven

Another method of cleaning using boiling water. To do this, throw the divided lobules into boiling water or pour them with boiling water for about 2 minutes.

Then just press on the denticles with some effort, after which the husk will bounce by itself. Some housewives use a microwave oven, placing slices in the working chamber for 20 seconds. After that they are easily cleaned by hand.

Important! Use the last two methods if garlic is intended for marinades and pickles. This is explained by the fact that during heat treatment, useful substances and aroma are lost.

For qualitative cleansing, read the recommendations of experienced housewives.

Helpful Tips

Garlic in the basket

Observe the following rules when cleaning garlic:

  1. To avoid unpleasant sensations, it is not recommended to touch and rub eyes.
  2. At the end of the work, wash your hands well in salt composition.
  3. To remove the pungent smell, use a slice of lemon or vegetable oil.

To get rid of the aroma of garlic, you can use household chemicals. In this case, one should not forget about the protection of hands after contact with these funds. You can use a nourishing cream. After processing the garlic, wash all the dishes with a solution of baking soda mixed with salt.

In conclusion, a few words about the fact that for cooking it is better to use garlic, which did not have time to sprout. Sprouted product has lost most of its nutrients. For long-term storage, peeled cloves are placed in a clean and dry glass jar. Keep it in the fridge.

Compliance with all the rules guarantees the safety of valuable garlic product and the possibility of using it in critical situations related to the weakening of immunity (especially in winter).

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About bactericidal properties of garlic is known to both children and adults. Do not wait for the period of viral diseases, eat it. It is not only a natural antibiotic, but also a means of preventing cancer and heart disease.

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