Methods to improve performance

Techniques to improve performanceThe speed of life today is as high as ever. This is the root of many of the problems of our time, including:

  • chronic fatigue;
  • distraction and irritability;
  • stress;
  • lack of sleep;
  • physical exhaustion and much more.

Regarding the last point - physical exhaustion and exhaustion, low performance - everything is easy to fix. Healthy long sleep for more than 8 hours, a walk in the fresh air, massage and bath procedures - to help. Physical strength is easy to restore, the main thing is time and rest. But the mental, moral energy put in order more difficult. But everything in nature is interconnected, therefore methods of restoring the health include all aspects.
Feeling a little tired at the end of the working day is quite normal and natural, another thing is to wake up in the morning already broken and exhausted. And at the very peak of work, it is understood that there are no forces at all, neither physical nor mental.Techniques to improve performance
The simplest method that will break this vicious circle is fixed day mode.It is not for nothing that the regime exists in the army and kindergartens - the state needs a healthy, efficient generation. A stable schedule of morning lifting, eating and sleeping will restore energy and increase efficiency. During the eight-hour sleep, the body replenishes the energy spent during the day. It is necessary to go to bed no later than 12 am.
Lifting is not worth stretching a five-minute delay, there is no use for them. It is advisable to eat often, but in small portions, since digesting a large amount of food takes much more energy. Naturally, the more natural food, the better your body works.Techniques to improve performance
Here are all the well-known rules that underlie many methods of recovery, which also include:

  1. exercise every day from 10 to 30 minutes, instead of several times a week for 2-3 hours. It’s not paradoxical, but sport not only helps to part with energy and forces, but also to restore them. Classes lasting no more than half an hour raise your spirits and eliminate fatigue;
  2. rejection of bad habits. This includes not only cigarettes and alcohol, but also overeating, long gatherings on social networks, computer games and much more;
  3. walking in the fresh air is very helpful.And the most important thing is that during them the body is saturated with oxygen. Intimacy with nature helps to calm the emotional background, tidy up the mental state and cope with stress. But walking to the working day in the city center is difficult to write, so in Japan, office workers plant plants and create green areas in their offices. Every day, spend there for 10-15 minutes in between work. It is proved that such therapy has a beneficial effect on health and efficiency;Techniques to improve performance
  4. vitaminization of the body, if the body is depleted by a lack of vitamins, then whatever you do, it will be difficult to recover. Make it a rule to drink a course of vitamins in the spring and winter;
  5. After every two hours of work, take a 10-minute break. If you work intellectually, then exercise during a break and vice versa.


How to improve brain performance?

Techniques to improve performanceIn many ways, all of the above will help, but you can add special items:

  1. train your brain with all sorts of exercises, of which thousands on the Internet;
  2. read the “right” books;
  3. shock him by doing familiar things in another way: write and draw with your other hand, and not with the one you are used to;
  4. Take a look at a textbook on chemistry, geometry or any other, and remember what you have long forgotten;
  5. learn foreign words or poems, tongue twisters and songs;
  6. write essays on any topic, verbal creativity, like no other makes the gray matter work actively.

Techniques to improve performanceIn conclusion, we note that no energy drinks will solve the problem of lack of power, they only create the appearance of this. Moreover, consumption leads to the depletion of the body's resources and to the disease of the stomach. Do not look for shortcuts, the above methods will not give an instant effect, but gradually restore your strength and abilities, fill with energy, and create a powerful accumulation reserve.

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