Mink coat: the dream of every woman

It is probably difficult to find a woman who would not want such an addition in her wardrobe as a fashionable and stylish mink coat. At all times, such products were of great value, and not every woman can afford such luxury.

But if your dream has come true, and you decide to go shopping for your new fur beauty, you can be sure that you are not afraid of cold, cold and strong wind.

Superior fur quality

Together with all this, a woman who wears such a thing automatically declares her high material well-being, prosperity and, of course, an incredibly high sense of taste.

The great advantage of such fur products is their relative lightness (other coats are much heavier than mink) and durability, which, as you understand, is quite important.

The largest suppliers that are known to the whole world are Scandinavia, Denmark and Finland. It is the fur coats of these manufacturers that occupy most of the entire market, and their products are recognized as the highest quality in the world.

Naturally, before you go to the store for a fashionable mink fur coat, you must carefully figure out how to choose it so as not to get caught up with multiple fakes or low-quality products.

Whatever one may say, and a fur coat will cost you a decent amount, therefore such things should be worn for quite a long time without wearing out, which is why it is necessary to approach the issue of choice with full responsibility.

What you need to know when choosing a mink coat?

First, you need to figure out what are the main types of their division, and what depends on it. In the first place, products from mink fur differ in color, and depending on this, the pricing policy also jumps. For example, mink coats of nut, dark brown and light brown colors are considered the most inexpensive.

Expensive and beautiful

On the level above are coats of amber and golden colors, but they, of course, are a bit more expensive. Fur coats of black, beige, sapphire and smoky mink are valued even higher.

The last step is the noble and very spectacular fur products and pure white mink fur, or the so-called “black diamond”, black coats with purple and blue tint.

Be sure, if you put on one of the last copies, then you can not avoid admiring and envious looks, because such coats look just gorgeous!

In addition to color, mink coats are also divided into sub-types depending on the specific type of fur: regular, sheared or pinned.

Ordinary mink coats should have a crumbly, but at the same time, elastic ostevoy hair, as well as soft and thick padding. Mezdra such products should also be elastic and smooth.

The sheared mink has a guard hair, which is clipped to the level of the undercoat. And the last option - plucked fur completely devoid of the guard hair.

Stylish vest

Which type of choice, of course, you decide, depending on taste preferences and the amount on which you expect. But, whatever one may say, the wear resistance of the “short-haired” fur is much higher, it will retain its attractive appearance longer than usual.

Where to buy a mink coat?

If you dream of a mink coat, and have already picked up a variant where it can be bought inexpensively, then be careful, because the prices for products made from mink fur are very, very high.

Therefore, before you are finally convinced of the need to purchase it, carefully study, and not whether a fake is offered to you, in the form of another, trimmed, fur.

It is better not to be tempted by low market prices, which, of course, differ significantly from store prices. It is the easiest way on the market to stumble upon a rough fake or low-quality product, which literally in a month can sprawl around the seams.

For real ladies

And now, most likely, there will be nowhere to go back and present your claims. That is why we advise you to go to a fur and leather salon that has been proven for years, for such a purchase, there, even in the case of some defect, it will be much easier for you to exchange your fur coat.

Another option is to purchase fur coats right in the factory of sewing fur products, by the way, there are even special fur coats for this, usually they are held in Greece.

A feature of such an undertaking is the fact that you undertake in any case to purchase a fur product for a certain amount. To whom that is more convenient, choose the option that is suitable for you specifically. The next moment is the quality of the coat itself.

How to choose a quality mink fur?

To begin with, run your hand in the direction and against the wool; in a quality product, the hairs must quickly take on their original shape, do not wrinkle or brist, otherwise it is quite possible that you are not a mink, but, for example, a painted beaver.

Next, you need to carefully look at the fur itself - near the skin you should consider the mandatory undercoat in the form of an easy gun, without it this product simply can not be a mink!

Large selection of colors

Then carefully consider the crease - it should be light, elastic and smooth, this indicates that the particular coat is made of quality fur. Dark smudge can be because the coat is dyed, but, in principle, now it's not so scary, because in fashion the most different colors of fur.

The main thing, if you find that the coat is dyed, check the quality of the paint. To do this, carefully examine it in the light, it should have a uniform and pleasant color.

If possible, spend a light, slightly damp handkerchief on the fur, if it remains clean, then everything is in order, otherwise, the fur is dyed poorly, so it is better to abandon such a model.

Now test the coat for strength - for this, shake it well and gently pull it by the hairs. If, after shaking from it flew down or you have in your hands remained a decent clump of hairs, then this indicates the failure to comply with the rules of storage or production of a particular product. Why for your money to buy such low-quality goods?

How to care for a mink coat?

Like any thing, a mink coat requires careful maintenance, it will prolong its service life, as well as a beautiful and aesthetic look.

The most important thing is to be careful, hang it only on wide hangers, carefully inspect it every month, if you pay attention to the scuffs that most often occur on the collar and sleeves in time, it is easy to get rid of them.

Do not forget to periodically comb the fur to prevent the formation of mats. It is important that once a year the coat is subjected to professional cleaning and minor repairs. Store the product must be in a dry, ventilated and clean room, do not forget to get a remedy for moths.

The question of choosing a particular style of a mink fur coat - a long, short or hooded model - depends only on your personal taste preferences and desires, the main thing is to choose it so that it looks harmoniously on your figure.

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