Mistakes that parents make when choosing sections

The founder of the studio "Fidget" Elena Pingjoyan told Wday.ru how to identify and develop talent in a child, and also warned against mistakes that parents often make when choosing a circle.
Elena Pingjoyan (Founder of Fidget Studio)

When a baby is born, most parents begin to think about its future. Many people draw bright images of the brilliant career of a young prodigy in their imagination, but, as a rule, they see what they themselves have dreamed of and for various reasons could not be realized. So my first advice - try to understand what your child is more interested in, that he is interested and closest, and not to you!

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Do everything together!

How to recognize talent? Offer your child to express themselves in various activities: draw, sculpt, dance, sing, read, design. The more you offer, the more choice he will have. If he is determined, try to support his favorite activity: find teachers, take in a circle, select the right literature or video.

Do not ignore your child, try to give detailed answers.If you yourself are not competent in any matter, do not hesitate to access the Internet. And the best way to attract the attention of your baby will be reading the encyclopedia together. More often, preschool children love to duplicate the actions of an adult. So do everything together!

In the choice of a circle or section for a child, the personality of the coach or teacher is a very important component. Try to find out more about the person: talk with the parents of his pupils or with older kids who have been involved in more than one year. Even if your child is very gifted, for example, choreographically, a few uncomfortable lessons are enough, when the teacher could not find understanding with the student, and all the desire to dance will disappear. Watch this. Forcibly teach nothing. You can train, but the soul will not be in this. And from each class, from each case you need to have fun and positive emotions. Only then there will be an amazing result, and the little student will have an incentive to go to classes, to achieve results and move forward.

Classes in the form of a game

In "Fidget" for the smallest, for example, classes are provided twice a week for three hours.Children learn solfege, intonation and choreography. Our classes are held in a playful way.

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Solfeggio, so that the guys develop hearing, rhythmics, musicality, begin to understand musical notation; intonation to understand the basics of vocal skill; and the choreography is given to train the body, to develop coordination and rhythm. In addition, the choreography perfectly liberates the child. Our teachers have their own approach to each child, each has its own teaching methodology, which has evolved over twenty-five years.

At the end of the school year "Fidget" always give reporting concerts for parents and their loved ones. This practice has been established in the studio for a long time; it perfectly motivates every young soloist. After all, the most annoying for a child is not to be included in the concert program.

Study, study and study again

We are often asked what to do if the child really wants to sing, but does not know how. I can say one thing: you need to learn everything. The main thing is to have a desire. Students "Fidget" know that success requires 98% of labor and only 2% of talent. I advise parents to be as attentive as possible to their child’s hobbies. Do not force against his will.

If the baby comes home and tells you that he no longer wants to go to this or that section, be sure to talk to him about it. Do not do not thought out actions. It is necessary to understand why or because of what he lost the desire to attend a certain circle. A child is like a thin glass, if you do something wrong, you can repel the desire, for example, to sing for life, and then you can’t glue pieces of beginnings.

The best motivation for the child is a good example - show him how professionals work in his creative field, if that does not help, then it's time to get the child carried away with something new. And if the eye is set on fire, there is a strong desire, then it means that you have found the key to the baby, but not through the “must”.

I am absolutely sure that there are no talented children. Every child is different.

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