Moisturize skin with home remedies

Any skin needs moisturizing: normal, oily, dry. Over-dried, dehydrated skin becomes flabby and wrinkled ahead of time. Usually it becomes noticeable closer to 30 years, but sometimes much earlier.
In addition to expensive professional procedures and creams, there is a huge amount of traditional methods of moisturizing your skin using home remedies.

Why moisturize the skin?

The young, fresh and elastic skin remains that, while the water balance is not broken. As soon as dehydration occurs, the skin loses its elasticity, freshness and youth. From here peeling, itching, dryness, allergic reactions on the skin and its early aging.
The complex of care for maintaining water balance includes both the external creation of a film for retaining moisture with creams, and home-made methods. Nutrition, taking vitamins, drinking enough fluids, stopping smoking, regular care with home remedies will have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body, and therefore on the face too.

The first and most important thing is nutrition.

Lack of vitamins inevitably leads to the fact that the skin does not receive the nutrients it needs. It becomes pale, flaky, flabby, wrinkled. Lose internal moisture.
The daily food ration is obliged to include vitamin-containing products: cottage cheese, kefir and yogurt, milk, butter and olive oil, liver, carrot, greens, fatty fish.
Sitting on a diet, remember, depriving your body of necessary products, you harm the skin of the face. And this is moisturizing the skin from the inside, retaining the necessary intracellular moisture, thanks to which your skin looks smooth and young.
One and a half to two liters of water, mineralized, non-carbonated, and preferably spring, key or thawed (you can do it yourself in the freezer) - this is the iron rule of saturation of the body with structured moisture. Such that is close in composition to the blood plasma. This is a guarantee of muscle elasticity and skin smoothness.

Homemade methods of moisturizing the skin

Masks, contrasting facial washing, infusion of herbs, the use of oils - an inexhaustible list of skin care products at your service from the treasury of folk wisdom.
Contrast washing.Alternately immerse your face in warm and cold water. Finish cold. It trains the skin, making it resistant to external influences. This simple exercise will make it supple and smooth.
Washing infusions of herbs (parsley, chamomile, rose petals, linden). Infusions and decoctions nourish the skin with the healing power of natural remedies. The skin will receive and cleansing, and benefit.
The use of oils with vitamin E and C will help the skin to get the vitamins of beauty it needs. Put on the skin a clean oil is not worth it. Mix a few drops of oil with base oils: almond, peach or olive. For one procedure, all you need is a teaspoon of base oil and two drops of medical oil.
And of course, masks. It is necessary to nourish dry skin a couple of times a week. Important! The masks are applied to clean, intact, non-irritating skin.
Carrot mask: carrot juice, diluted in cream and apply evenly on face. Remember that carrots give a tan color, but on too pale skin a shade can turn orange. Try applying a little mixture on the back of your elbow. If the result will please, apply.In addition to the benefits - it is a natural natural tanning cream.
Curd mask - the most affordable moisturizing mask. Cottage cheese, pounded with honey, will be useful to those who do not have an allergy to bee products. But the cottage cheese with olive oil is well tolerated by all.
Sea buckthorn juice as a mask - excellent hydration and nutrition. Dip a clean piece of gauze in the sea buckthorn juice, squeeze lightly and apply on face.
Practically everything that you have in the kitchen as food for yourself is also suitable for nourishing your skin. Consider individual intolerance of products.
Come in a balanced and prudent way. Remember that regular moisturizing with the help of available home remedies will prolong the skin's youthfulness, remove the appearance of wrinkles, relieve scaling.

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