Mom of three children one photo proved harm to smartphones

More precisely, she took a dozen pictures to show the full scale of the disaster. But one would be enough.

All the annoying mothers who stick in the phone instead of looking after the child on the playground. After all, while she is flipping through the Instagram ribbon, the child is entertained from the heart: she eats sand and cigarette butts, a yard cat drags by the tail, picks up other kids, or just splashes around in a pool. But at home, at home, after all, you can finally afford to be a little alone with the phone! There, no one will look at you with undisguised disgust simply because you wanted to look out of the daily maternal routine, at least into the virtual world.

Ellen Porrit, 37, the mother of a two-year-old tomboy named Zeb, thought so too. It is in the past tense. Because the phone for her now is forbidden entertainment. It is absolutely impossible to let her baby out of sight. Itself is more expensive.

“I was not near him for just two minutes! They called me for work, and I left the room so that Zeb would not interfere with speaking. He watched TV, nothing foreshadowed troubles. I could not have imagined that my son would arrange a small apocalypse in a single room, ”said the woman in Instagram.

In the two minutes that Ellen spoke on the phone, Zeb really had a lot. For example, demonstrated the features of scrupulousness in character. The boy found a jar of black paint and used it for its intended purpose: carefully smeared it on the carpet, sofa, walls, stairs, spoiled all the posters of the older sister, painted himself. He didn’t even spare the family pet: the red dog was pretty dark.

“Who did this?” - mother in horror asked an obvious question. “I am!” The baby answered proudly.

“My husband said that in our living room, apparently, Jackson Pollock had fun (avant-garde artist. - Ed.). We are now waiting for the third baby, and we don’t need extra expenses for repairs. But Zeb obviously did not spoil everything on purpose. He did not understand that he was doing something bad, ”said Ellen, and we breathed out: they would not punish the boy for his pranks. But they will certainly tell you that paints for children are not a toy.

February 13, 2018Natalya Evgenieva
a guest13.02.18 21:54

She's gone longer. For 2 minutes it is impossible to do so much

a guest14.02.18 07:07

What does the smartphone have to do with it? You can just go to the toilet and the child at this time will do things. Just need to clean things away from children.

a guest14.02.18 20:37

How can I keep the paint in the availability of a child? It took at least 30 minutes

a guest15.02.18 13:15

agree ! For this amount of work you need half an hour at least!

it's like in a joke. A wife says to her husband: I will go to my neighbor for 2 minutes, and you stir porridge every half hour)))

a guest14.02.18 07:53

Funny for two minutes the child did so much. Do not write nonsense and really need to remove everything from children.

a guest14.02.18 08:01

The title is not related to the article :(

a guest14.02.18 20:45

I agree, nonsense

a guest14.02.18 09:58

Oh, well, right in two minutes he managed to mess things up. Obviously longer mother was absent

a guest14.02.18 15:35

Why is the paint stored in the room, and even on the bottom shelf? Well at least not ate paint. Parents without brains

a guest14.02.18 15:55

dog pity (((

probably a handsome camelina was now dark (((

a guest14.02.18 16:33

remember the pile of childhood, for example, I ruin my head as my father, as I’ll introduce the pile to a child in May childhood, my hair will rise

a guest14.02.18 18:27

with your knowledge of Russian, you probably used to play with glue in childhood

a guest21.02.18 08:31

this is not the point, the person tried to convey his thought, this is more important

a guest14.02.18 18:00

For Nehru was mommy talking on a stupid Chinese iphone

a guest14.02.18 18:27

And here is the harm of smartphones ???

a guest15.02.18 15:51

Would go to work

a guest15.02.18 16:20

My daughter, at the age of two and at the age of five, could not and cannot afford this. I can do something in the room, and the entire large apartment is at my daughter's disposal so that something is smeared or crawled somewhere, and she never came to such a thing, plays calmly and that’s all. Just as soon as she started walking, I made her understand what should not be done. Now if you accidentally pour some water from a mug, right there in the roar, like realizing that you have done it and you can’t do that, ask you to wipe the rag behind you. I do not understand how it is possible for children to allow everything, this is dangerous for their life and health, and what a **** in a dwelling. Personally, these videos do not touch me, but only cause disgust.

a guest16.02.18 18:48

you have paranoia! and zashuganogo your child sorry

a guest20.02.18 13:33

favorite thing to discuss what kind of good children I have, and what other bad children and their parents.

a guest20.02.18 22:30

I have a daughter and I’m little that I allow. But shkodit at every step. I call shkodnichestvo.We even had an aquarium without water, let out water through a hose, that the palace had already floated. And laminate green felt pen once adorned. And this is all she does very quickly, which is already surprising myself.

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