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Money issue

Good day, when it will become easier with the money in our family, no luck with work, flooded neighbors, the desire to have a lot of money, but everything is not what you want. Thanks. Svetlana 10/04/1981.


Hello Svetlana! According to your karmic data, I see you can achieve more.


You can try yourself in the field of freelancing, I started half a year ago and now only there I earn. Started from the sitehttps://microcpa.ru, there are the most adequate tasks and decent payments.

a guest19.07.18 16:33

Rites to open a cash flow. Tarot divination, as well as diagnostics on the photo by, Promotions for one question: Viber, Votsap, Telegram +79164771672 Lilit Bozhenova,

I understand hard, but more positive, think that money will attack you and you will not be able to fight back from them, you have a well-paid job, etc. You create a negative aura around you with your negative thoughts that attracts the negative.

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