MTV Russia for 20 years - who could believe it?

Music channel in a big way preparing for the anniversary.

On the night of September 25-26, 1998, one can say, a new musical history of Russia began. Then for the first time aired on television channel MTV. And he did it effectively and in an original way. The Russian broadcasting began with a show of the concert of the British band Prodigy, and Vladivostok-2000 from Mumiy Troll became a pioneer video.

Over the years of broadcasting MTV managed to show countless clips, TV shows and entertainment shows. And everyone found something of their own here. 20-year history will be remembered on a largelive concert at the Olympic�from director Alexei Golubev.

On September 27, not only popular VJs of the TV channel, but also artists who often flashed on the air, as well as a new musical generation, will gather at one venue. On the occasion of the anniversary the group "Guests from the Future" will appear on the stage. Eva Polna and Yury Usachev are preparing a joint set for this evening.

Photo: Mag show press service

�Spleen�, Noize MC, Therr Maitz, Elka, Feduk, Linda, MANIZHA, Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Alsou, Nike Borzov, �Masha and the Bears� and many others will also take the stage.In addition to that, special numbers are created, one of which is dedicated to the voice of the �MTV generation� - to Micah.

�MTV - this is, pity, the only media that has grown the generation of the name itself,� the generation of MTV �. We celebrate 20 years and collect in "Olympic" not only artists, on whose songs you grew up, but also the coolest performers from the modern charts. Come! We are also waiting for those who come to ponobalize �give us back our 2000s�, and those who follow current music. There will be big names, a dialogue of generations. All the best from the past and the present! �Said Yana Churikova, head of MTV Russia.

When:�September 27 at 7:30 pm

Where:�SK "Olympic" (Olympic Avenue, 16, p. 1, metro station "Prospect Mira").

Cost:�from 500 rubles.

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