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A handsome kitten, playful, funny and awkward - a symbol of a cozy home, good mood, warmth and love. There is nothing more pleasant than holding a fluffy miracle in your hands, listening to his purring and understanding how you need him. Or create a miracle itself ... Today we will bind a kitten.
 tying the kitten
We can use the yarn of the Troitsk plant" Angora " (wool in half with mohair) in two additions, hook No. 2.5 and some “Iris” threads, filler (synthetic winterizer, sintepukh or holofiber), plastic eyes, fishing line and glue. Each part is knitted separately, according to spirals. It is not necessary to strictly adhere to the exact number of columns, you can improvise, and if you want to change the shape a bit, then why not? Head. We start knitting with 6 looped crochets (hereinafter referred to as sbn) is the traditional beginning of each part. In the 2nd row, the number of Sbn is doubled (12), in the 3rd and subsequent rows we add uniformly on 6 Arb.We do additives up to 42 sbn, we knit 3 rows without additives and begin decreasing in the opposite order. Reaching up to 12 sbn, we fill with filler Photo No. and finish the knitting of the head.
 knit a kitten's head
fill our heads
 finish knitting
Front legs. 6 sbn in a ring, in the 2nd row we double to 12 cbns, in the 3rd we add 3 sbn and then knit to the desired length, we are 15 rows.
front paws
We sew and leave the thread in order to sew to the body. Hind legs. 6 sbn in the ring, in the 2nd row we double to 12 sbn, in the 3rd we add 6 cfn. 4 p - 1 lush column, 2sbn, 1 lush column, 2sbn, 1 lush, 11 sbn. magnificent columns imitate claws - this is the front of the foot. In the 5th and 6th rows above the claws, we make 3 uniform increments, 12 remain sbn. We fill. 7,8 and 9 rows we knit exactly. From the 10th row we begin to add in front. In the 10, 11, 12 rows by 3 increments. 13,14 rows we knit exactly. At 15,16 we subtract from the front on 3 sat. In the 17 and 18 rows we knit 15 sat.We fill and leave the thread.
 Rear legs
 Hind legs
Torso. We start with 6 sbn and continue to knit, as they knit their heads, but more by 1 row and get gains up to 48 sbn. then we knit 7 rows exactly and start to subtract. Decreases are also made on 6 sc, but not in each row, but through a series. The body is made in the form of a pear. We reduce to 6 sbn and leave the thread.
Ears. We collect 10 Vp and knit the triangle in reverse rows of sb, reducing by 2 sc. in the row. Triangle knit sbn. The ears are single and slightly hanging, we are knitting a fold Brit. Tail. We start the same way as the front legs, knit 15 rows and make 1 increase, after 15 rows 1 more increase, then knit 15 more rows and the tail is finished.
We tied all the parts of the torso, and now it's time to build.
it's time to build
We pretend where and how best n Attach each part and neatly attach it.
 it's time to build
We've gathered a torso with paws and a tail,then we take shape the muzzle. First, sew the ears. We simplified the work and did not tie up the cheeks, but simply embroidered a red spout with “Iris” and pulled it from the inside, highlighting it on the face, and just glued it in. And then they attached the head to the body.
head to torso
The last step was the attachment of the antennae. In our performance, this is a 0.3 mm fishing line, folded into 20 additions, cut along the edges, fastened in the middle and passed through the cheeks.
 bonded in the middle
That's it. Another cat appeared in the house.
 cat appeared in the house

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