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My wife is 29 years older than me, how to avoid my breakdowns?

Good afternoon! My wife is 29 years older than me (35 and 64 respectively), she constantly suspects me of infidelity, and at the same time she says that she wants to “let go of me, to live my young life”, and often it turns into hard and unreasonable insults - last year (3 years together) I started to break loose (I hit something or ditched clothes on my chest. In fact, I touched other women for the last time even before she appeared in my life, except for doctors in the clinic and my sister for obvious reasons. I am very traumatized by her stupid and empty remains. I sometimes can’t find a place for myself after her quibbles for hours, it comes to the fact that I can’t leave the house because of our family matters (I have to postpone them for weeks, picking up the moment so as not to run into a scandal). I tell her about it, to put it mildly, my message is misunderstood, and again there are talk and insults. It’s all that I have and I don’t have more women. At 7 I lost my mother and I understand that from our part instincts, but for me she is more than a wife, a friend and a mother.How to avoid empty suspicions?


Good afternoon! Of course, you have a very big age difference, which provokes your spouse to suspect you of infidelity. Women at her age tend to experience self-doubt due to the fading beauty of her face and body, which leads to yet another scandal. Try to delight your spouse more often with flowers and trips to the restaurant and cinema. Family therapy is also necessary in your case.

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