Myrtle ordinary and its benefits

������If you have a myrtle growth in your apartment, and you still do not know about its healing properties, it is already you, even without yours. The leaves and branches of myrtle contain a huge amount of various essential oils. Evaporating from the surface of the leaves, the oils clean the air of the apartment from pathogens of various diseases.Myrtle is a very light-loving plant. It is recommended to grow it on window sills of windows located on the south side. In the summer the tree is useful to make a balcony or loggia.

Myrtle in folk medicine

The leaves of myrtle communis (ordinary) are used for low immunity and colds. To do this, take young leaves of myrtle inside, chewing thoroughly, at the first sign of illness.
An infusion of useful leaves of myrtle tree helps with manifestations of conjunctivitis. For the preparation of infusion, the leaves of myrtle (6-7 pieces) are poured with boiling water, filtered after 1 hour and instilled into the affected eye 3-4 times a day. Fresh infusion must be prepared daily.
The healing infusion of myrtle helps in the treatment of infectious cystitis. A few tablespoons of the leaves of myrtle pour a glass of boiling water, insist for an hour and take 4 times a day, instead of tea.Before you start taking myrtle during illness, you must first consult with your doctor.
In aromatherapy, myrtle tree oil is used as a cleansing consciousness, an agent that enlightens and stabilizes emotions. Sticks with the smell of myrtle are lit during meditations and self-improvement sessions.

Properties of myrtle against oncology

In 1984, the Russian biochemistry scientist Molodezhnikov found that the high immunity of the Mediterranean inhabitants to certain types of oncology, namely to breast and intestinal cancers, is caused by the fact that they often use the leaves of myrtle in cooking.
According to the Italian scientist Tullio Simoncini, cancer cells are nothing but a fungal disease. In a strong body, the mushrooms are dormant and are activated when the immune system is weakened. The use of myrtle as a seasoning during daily cooking helps to strengthen the body�s own strengths that prevent cancer cells from developing.

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