Nature versus civilization: tomatoes grew on the road from asphalt

Excellent tomatoes, and no greenhouse conditions.

Every day, mankind conquers part of nature: it cuts down forests, rolls up fields in asphalt and concrete. However, Mother Earth does not give up so easily. And here's another proof: the story of a tomato that could.

In Petersburg, a bush with tomatoes sprouted right on the asphalt road. And not somewhere on the outskirts, but along one of the busiest routes of the city. Photos with penetrative tomatoes (otherwise you can’t tell) were posted in the Pikabu community by the user under the nickname Monaora.

Photo: Pikabu / Monaora
Photo: Pikabu / Monaora

“Every morning I follow this crazy seedlings on my way to work,” the author of the post shared.

A few hours later, in the same community, new photos from “urban plantations” appeared. This time, the tomatoes were found in the very center of St. Petersburg - on the embankment of the Fontanka River. A vegetable bush made its way through the concrete pavement some 400 meters from the subway.

Photo: Pikabu / DeadushkaEgor
Photo: Pikabu / DeadushkaEgor

Summer residents from such photo reports even depressed:

“Absolutely Petersburgers became impudent. We are here, you know, we are afraid to breathe on tomatoes, we are building greenhouses, and they are growing on curbs, ”people write in the comments.

"No need to say! I was tortured to spud these monsters, but there’s no point! ”- complains one of the women who have lived.

“It was necessary to pile up with asphalt,” they joke back.

“Well, what do you want. The cultural capital is the same. Here are all sorts of culture straight from asphalt and rod. ”

And here is a photo taken a couple of years ago. The tomato bush grew right on the granite embankment on the Neva.

Photo: Pikabu / EichhornchenJoe
Photo: Pikabu / EichhornchenJoe

One of the experienced gardeners noticed: sometimes the more you pile over the beds, the worse.

“In the summer cottage,“ random tomatoes ”grew best, - wrote victorv1978 in the comments. - Someone from the cutting board seeds after cutting shook the bed, and they got accustomed. Tied up, occasionally watered. Excellent tasty tomatoes have grown. One gets the impression that the less you interfere, the better. ”

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