Negative consequences of lack of sleep

Weakened immune system

Lack of full sleep weakens your immunity, making it easy prey for viruses. Also, against the background of a lack of sleep, long-term diseases and complications are also sure to prove themselves, aggravated.

Cardiovascular Risk

Each lack of sleep is a little stress for the body, which can and passes for a person unnoticed, but always leaves its traces. Such stress releases those hormones in your body that one day can cause a heart attack.

The skin goes bad

With a lack of sleep, a large amount of the hormone cortisol is released, which has the ability to destroy muscles. In addition, collagen deteriorates, allowing the skin to be smooth and elastic.


At night, people become more hungry and eat more high-calorie food, so if you want to keep yourself in shape, you obviously should not change places day and night.

Lack of emotion

In addition, when you are not getting enough, it is difficult for you to control your emotions, so you can hardly understand others. In this case, the mechanism of empathy is almost completely disabled, sleepy people become indifferent to the manifestation of emotions.

Critical situations break

You are constantly in a state of stress, so any critical situation can break or even break you psychologically. It is proved that people who lack sleep, in critical situations, behave less coolly and are more susceptible to panic.

Biorhythm cheats

Perhaps you think that if you could not sleep at night, then you will be able to sleep during the day or even completely replace a full night's sleep with a daytime sleep. But in fact, daytime sleep is not comparable with night sleep in terms of effectiveness, usefulness of rest and relaxation of the body.

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