Nervous not to look: Lady Gaga shot completely naked

Fans were shocked.

Lady Gaga, of course, loves to shock the public. But she does this mainly with the help of her crazy outfits, hairstyles and make-up. Apparently, in order to shake up the fans who are already tired of discussing the singer’s frik images, Monster Mom decided on a very bold step: to shoot completely naked. And already pleased fans backstage.

August 28, 2018 at 10:05 am PDT

In a few hours the photo gained more than a million likes. So if Gaga set her goal to attract as much attention as possible, then she reached her in full. In the comments of Internet users, the reaction slips the most different. This is a frank admiration for the fact that the star decided on such a frank photoset, and a criticism of the very idea. After all, Lady Gaga could not arrange a photo session, for example in the petals of roses, otherwise it would have been no longer she. The “miserable” interior, dirt and garbage are underlined - not all subscribers appreciated such a grunge.

Meanwhile, the star Eli Russell Linetz was photographed - the favorite photographer Kim Kardashian, whom she trusts to make all her “naked” pictures.

But what exactly deserves admiration, so it is the figure of Gaga. After all, a year ago she was very pyshnoteloy. Her concert costumes could not hide either volumetric thighs, or a plump tummy. And after her last year's photo in a frank swimsuit, the fans called on the singer never to be naked.

By the way, the struggle of the singer with excess weight has been going on for more than a year, and, frankly, with mixed success. That star goes on a diet, then again does not withstand the hard limits. He does dance workouts every day, then throws the gym. I wonder how much Gaga is enough for this time? As they say, wait and see. In the meantime, we offer a look at how Lady Gaga has changed since the beginning of her stellar career.

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