New Year scenario in school: how to spend the New Year 2015, the best ideas of the New Year holiday

Santa Claus with giftsThe new year is made noisy and fun to celebrate in school. 2015 is no exception, and the children's party should be original, not repeat the last year’s program. We offer you the best scenarios of the New Year at school, they will appeal to children, parents and teachers.

The scenario of the New Year in elementary school

Students of grades 1-4 are looking forward to the holiday. To matinee was successful, it is necessary to follow the main rules. First, it must be interactive. Kids are not interested in sitting quietly and watching the action on the stage, they should participate. The best option is a performance-journey. It is built according to the traditional pattern: an incident involving a negative hero (abduction of a Christmas tree or Snow Maiden, stolen gifts, etc.), search for a positive hero (better if these are children - characters close to the viewer), marching for the stolen and battles with negative characters .The heroes of the presentation should be well known to younger students, but fairy-tale characters are no longer relevant, it is better to use the theme of modern cartoons and films. For example, "Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Snake", "Dobrynya Nikitich and Snake Gorynych", "Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber", "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf", "Braveheart", etc.

What tasks can traveling heroes give children? Kids can choir to answer questions (what movies about the New Year do you know? Where did they hide the Snow Maiden?), Stop the villain, for example, throw snowballs at him, etc.

Homework for schoolchildren can be the creation of a New Year's costume. Characters present themselves, sing a song or read poems, become assistants of Santa Claus. Be sure to choose the best costume.
Matinee does not do without Santa Claus. By tradition, children call him loudly, before giving presents to children, they are invited to sing a song together or dance a New Year's dance.
children at school celebrate the new year

New Year scenario for high school students

Organizing a party for older students is a little more difficult. Teenagers like to independently participate in productions.At the same time, the scenario should not be boring or traditional, it is designed to reflect the interests of schoolchildren and the realities of the modern world. For example, the forest evil spirits want to take the place of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. A couple of devils, housekeepers, a kikimora and a forester, an old woman Shapoklyak and her rat are trying to figure out how this can be done, where to find the right costume. Negative characters should be funny and a little ridiculous, and their outfits should be in youth fashion.
After presentation, students go to a tea party and a disco.
high school students celebrate the new year

Competitions for the New Year at school

The best way to occupy children of any age is to play with them. For elementary school students fit mobile team games. Divide the guys into 2 teams (boys and girls, for example). Give them small balls or balls, put the baskets at a distance of 5 meters and offer to throw as many “snowballs” as possible. Another winter fun is snowing. The task of the participants is to blow snowflakes so that they float in the air. A variant of this competition is “blizzard”. Try to give the children snowflakes (cotton) and tubes for cocktails, they blow through the tubes, the snow should fly as far as possible.
High school students also like fun mobile contests, but it’s better if they aren’t a team competition. Suggest a teenager to break up into pairs, clamp Christmas toys with their foreheads and hold them during a slow dance. The winners are the pair that will hold the whole song and not drop the item.
Another contest is to wear mittens or boxing gloves and try to unwrap the candy and feed your partner, you can also peel an orange, cut an apple, etc.

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