Nine models with an unusual appearance

Although everyone can have their own ideas about beauty, there are still vowels and unspoken canons in society, thanks to which women have absolutely no peace: they have to exhaust themselves with diets, fight wrinkles and suffer from the choice of wardrobe. However, not all of these canons are binding. We offer you a look at the “other beauty” that exists outside of social norms, thanks to these nine women who turn their weaknesses into virtues, inspiring other people to feel more comfortable in front of the mirror.

Brunette Muffie, a model with a squint

Brunette muffie

working with the agency Storm Models, through which the world learned about Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford. The model says that squint is her distinguishing feature and she likes her eyes as they are.

Jackie O’Shaughnessy, "old" model

Jackie O’Shaughnessy
Photo: Instagram

62-year-old actress and model, more precisely, the body of an advertising campaign of the underwear line of the American company Apparel, proving that beauty has no age limits.

Katya Zharkova, model in the body

Katya Zharkova

“The 52nd size of clothes, the 42nd - shoes, thighs - 112 cm”, - Katya calls her parameters with pride, and she has something to be proud of. At 33, she has contracts with Forever 21 and Silver Jeans, as well as filming for the Russian Cosmopolitan. Katya, using her own example, proves that a modern woman has the right to live a full life without having to constantly go on diets.

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