No extra cost: how to make a home cozy

To create a harmonious interior, it is not necessary to spend fabulous sums and buy all the new-fashioned accessories. It is enough to follow these simple tips and then your house will definitely become the most stylish and comfortable.

First you need to clarify that the apartment should be a minimum of furniture. After all, even the largest room will look like an antique shop (not at the best of times) if it is filled with furniture. Therefore, carefully inspect your home and get rid of all unnecessary. For a comfortable life, it is enough to leave only the basic set: a sofa, shelves (or shelves) for books, a comfortable chair (if the apartment's area allows), a coffee table and a large spacious wardrobe. Arrange the pieces of furniture in such a way that you can comfortably move around the room, without bumping into sharp corners every time.

Get rid of old newspapers and magazines. In the modern age of technology, all articles can be found on the Internet. So why keep the waste paper, which litters the space and is another place of dust accumulation?

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Experts advise not to forget about one golden rule of harmonious interior - the table top of the coffee table should be 75% free. Therefore, choose a model with boxes and remove all unnecessary there. This also applies to the remote from the TV. If, say, you have several of them, then store them in one of the drawers of a coffee table or in a lockable basket. So you will always know where they are, and you will not waste time searching for them.

Designers recommend choosing an odd number of cushions for sofas (three harmonious cushions for a small sofa and five pillows, two of which should be monochromatic, for a large sofa).

Remember that a few rugs visually reduce space. Therefore, for a small room, choose either one spectacular carpet, or plain laminate.

As for small open shelves, keep no more than three objects on them (for example, vases in one color range, differing only in shape). If you keep books on the shelves, then observe another golden rule - 10% of the shelves must remain free.

The kitchen is also important to keep order.For example, pans and saucepans quickly fill cabinets, and getting them is not always convenient. Therefore, place them above the slab on the railing or hang on beautiful hooks. Also use the space under the kitchen base to remove trays and trays.

Do not save extra plastic. Leave only a few containers for food of different sizes, remove the rest, so as not to interfere.

To get rid of a large number of shampoos and gels that no longer fit on the sides of the bathroom, purchase a special suspension dispenser. This will save space and give the bathroom a tidier look.

Detergents should be placed in transparent boxes and placed under the sink. So they will not interfere under your feet, and get the right tool will be much more convenient.

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