#Make free: a trend that is gaining popularity among the stars?

The fashion for raincoats, nightgowns, pajama suits and slippers led to the fact that everyone around us somehow relaxed: they began to choose a nude manicure and did not hesitate to get into the frame without makeup.

Susan Sarandon, in an interview with People magazine, admitted that she “had long wanted to try what it was like to pose without makeup.” It is said - done: before us almost the first shooting of the 69-year-old Oscar-winning actress, activist and three times mother without any beauty tricks. And Susan, she said, felt confident and comfortable in front of the photographer's camera. “I didn’t do anything on purpose to preserve the beauty of my skin,” she answered the question of how she manages to maintain her youth. “I just tried not to harm myself: I did not smoke, did not lean on alcohol, and did not fall asleep without protective equipment and an umbrella under the sun.” On the plastic actress says easily: "I did a small eyelid lift 10 or 12 years ago.But I don’t understand and don’t understand why some people make themselves big lips, prick Botox or increase the size of the breast and buttocks. At the last, then it is impossible to sit, it's like sitting down on a wallet! However, I do not blame anyone, it is their right, let them do it if it gives them pleasure. ”

#Make free: a trend that is gaining popularity among the stars?

Without make-up is not shy to post pictures on Instagram and Renata Litvinova, which is hard to imagine without arrows and red lipstick. The last photo from Italy has collected more than 400 comments, half of which are a request to reveal the secret of beauty and eternal youth.

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