Oblique bangs: how to choose the type of person?

Bangs will not lose relevance. They give styling attractiveness and youth. But for a beneficial accent of the beauty of the face, you need a correct selection of bangs.

Choice of bang shape

Fashion - the lady is changeable, and fashion for bangs is no exception. But when choosing the form of bangs relevance is not important. In order for the forelock to complement the style, it is important to take into account many nuances: styling, facial contours, curls, structure.

Stylists are sure that bangs are more suitable for owners of elongated and oval face shapes, and girls with a face in the shape of a circle should refuse to wear bangs. With the help of the correct choice of form, attention is focused on the eyes, and incorrect selection will only enhance the visibility of the flaws. Let's figure out which bangs to choose for different face shapes:

  • if the face is oval-shaped, then you should opt for a long bang below the eyebrows or along their line. Although for this type of face are all bangs. Oval refers to the standards, it is brought closer to other types of faces. Yes, and the thickness of the forelock is suitable for any.Perfectly decorate the oval oblique elongated bangs. For the formation of a business image fit arc-shaped bangs. In addition, the hedgehog bang is relevant;

Remember that when selecting bangs, it is important to pay attention to the shape of the face, otherwise the wrong choice emphasizes only flaws.

  • with an elongated face it is better to wear graded or even bangs. They visually increase the shape, harmonize the proportions;
  • holders of high forehead fit straight elongated bangs. Another option is a graduated model laid on the sides;
  • square shape is balanced by asymmetric bangs. The most fashionable choice is elongated oblique bangs. Here, a straight shortened bang will do, so the face will be rounded and shrink, an emphasis will appear on the eyes;

Oblique bangs: how to choose the type of person?

  • On ardashki in the form of a heart the rare arc-shaped fringe looks best. It softens the corners;
  • for curly hair is difficult to choose a bang. But if you decide to make it, always keep in shape. In this situation, the required means for laying and straightening;
  • small features do not harmonize with elongated bangs. They visually reduce the face.Here it is more correct to make a torn shortened bang;
  • to improve the visual perception of the narrow face, make wide thick bangs;
  • a rare bang will work for balancing a weighted chin;
  • if you have wide cheekbones, then visually reduce their rare elongated bangs.

Oblique bangs

Oblique bangs fit faces in the shape of a rectangle or square. Long slanting bangs help balance proportions. It looks great on different lengths of hair. Oblique bangs are beautiful; if they shine, they should be smooth and with a neat cut line. It should not be combed or cut with your own hands.

To this day, actual hairstyles with combed hair and beveled cheeks. They add to the image of lightness, romance, audacity. It all depends on the extra touches. Oblique bangs are capable of:

  • hide the flaws on the face;
  • fix weighted eyebrow arcs visually;
  • make symmetrical irregular forehead;
  • hide wrinkles various disadvantages of the forehead.

Bang rules

There is an opinion that to change a life, it is necessary to begin with a hairdress. What are the rules for selecting bangs? In fashion, there are many options, but it is worth choosing based on their own characteristics.For the formation of the image does not require expensive expert advice, it is important to follow these nuances:

  1. The shape of the face.

Oblique bangs: how to choose the type of person?

The chub should be in harmony with the face oval. It helps to hide shortcomings, emphasizes the benefits. If the nose is not perfect, then the thick truncated bangs will not work, but the oblique and long ones will distract your attention from the shortcomings, placing emphasis on other features. Relevant will be the average length of oblique bangs for girls with a wide face or in the shape of a square. Such a model will give the features elegance. Unconfident personalities should cut short bangs. She gives impudence and impudence.

The oblique fringe can be of various types. Choose its type should be based on the oval of the face and hair features.

  1. The structure of curls.

For heavy long hair, bevel bangs up to half of the face will do. It is suitable for curly hair, but then you have to constantly align the curls. This will require a lot of effort. Sparse hair looks better with a short model.

  1. Age.

For ladies of old age, an average length of bangs is suitable, along with curls along the length of the shoulders. Stylish ladies with youth in their hearts can conduct experiments, combining short bangs with a haircut. All kinds of young girls are suitable: short, long, etc. But remember the nuances.Short bangs, obliquely in one of the sides, emphasize large features, distinguish them.

Oblique bangs: how to choose the type of person?

Oblique bangs look with any hair length. The classic bob hairstyle with asymmetric elongated bangs still does not come out of fashion. This model is called "tom-boy." Popular and squares with beveled bangs of various lengths. As for short models, then the cutting of a bob fungus is relevant today. For curls of considerable length, a cascade is suitable, it creates a special image, hides shortcomings.

Laying oblique bangs

How is the laying of oblique bangs? This will require: a rounded comb, high-quality hairdryer with nozzles, iron and fixation tools. For shortened models, to focus on asymmetry, a gel will be required.

To give volume to the hair, do the styling using a hair dryer and a round brush, pointing down. Curl curls and dry.

Proper care of the bangs will give the image of harmony and originality. Use high quality products for shining and beautiful hair.

If you like oblique bangs, then remember that this hairstyle requires maximum care. You can not cut the bangs yourself, comb it.Remember that any hairstyle looks beautiful only on clean, shiny hair.

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