Own or not: the network is arguing about Reshet's breast

Timati's friend showed a very provocative photo.

Anastasia Reshetova has never been shy in modesty: she will flare up in underwear, she will come to the economic forum in St. Petersburg without a skirt ... This time she shared a photo with her followers, which is almost completely visible to her gorgeous breasts.

But instead of giving the girl compliments or, conversely, denouncing her for being too frank, the followers launched a heated discussion. There was only one question that worried everyone: is the model real in the chest or is it still the achievement of plastic surgery?

Anastasia Reshetova
Photo: @ volkonskaya.reshetova

Some Internet users have decided that with such a slim figure, bordering even with too much skin, such a luxurious bust can not be natural. Others have led a counter-argument: Reshetova's chest has a completely �natural� shape, and does not stick out like two soccer balls. So I think the point here is that she was just lucky with the forms.

By the way, Reshetova is not the only star who was lucky to be born with such volumes and did not have to spend money on expensive operations. Many stars have become popular thanks to their large bust, because they were able to properly use what was given to them by nature, and not in the surgeon's office.

Scarlett Johansson, Monica Bellucci, Kate Upton, Salma Hayek and dozens of other celebrities are not just not shy about their forms, but are proud of them and will never want to part with them.

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