What is nordic walking

What is Nordic walking? Movement is life, and everyone knows it. And even regular walking is good for health and for a figure. And if you decide to choose the so-called Scandinavian walking, you can get the most out of this simple activity. What.

How to dress pregnant

How to dress pregnant A woman always remains a woman. In whatever life situations she was, a woman should always feel beautiful and charming. Therefore, the issue of clothing during pregnancy remains so important. Otherwise, irritability appears, the woman becomes unsure of her attractiveness.

Flowers from napkins

Flowers from napkins Modern masters and needlewomen are able to create a masterpiece from any available materials. And how many unusual handicrafts can be made from ordinary paper napkin! Advantages of this material is that it is easy to work with, it quickly takes.

Weave a jar of beads

weave a jar of beads Surely every girl has a very handy jar or box in which the necessary stuff is stored. Most, of course, are purchased in the store. However, you can independently make such a box, which will not be ashamed to.

Leatherette Keychain

Leatherette Keychain For the majority of lovers (and not only), the choice of a thematic gift on the occasion of the lovers' day, which has been the favorite holiday of many for many years, often becomes an unsolvable task. Someone is trying to give.

Booktop coffee table

Bookstore Coffee Table Materials and tools: drill; drills; carpenter's glue; threaded rod (available for purchase, for example, OBI); 8 nuts corresponding to the rod washers; oil paint and primer; office knife; books. Step 1 In this project, 16 books for each leg were used.

Original paper card

Original paper postcard You will ask why this postcard is needed? Now photographers practically do not print photos on paper, they are poured onto a USB flash drive or disk. That's just for storing such a wedding disk and need this card. You will.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Today “Hand Made” is gaining momentum. It is not surprising - the original and exclusive gift will delight anyone and leave a warm impression for many years. A very beautiful, and most importantly unique, handmade invitation can be made with your own.

Sphynx cat breed

Sphynx cat breed The most unusual breed of cats can surely be called the sphinx breed - a cat without a coat. The attitude to these funny animals is quite ambiguous: if one is delighted with them, then others categorically do not accept a.

Vase for flowers

Vase for flowers It is always nice to do something with your own hands. And if your friends like it too, then it’s doubly pleasant. In addition, such things exist in a single copy, so they can be perfectly used as a gift. To.

PVC pipe stand

PVC pipe stand I decided to make a stand for screwdrivers and pliers. It should be fixed to the table, since in the near future it is planned to move the workplace. I also wanted to be able to change its size depending on.

Restyling Honda

Restyling Honda Honestly, in the Celestial Empire, nothing is new, the Chinese prefer proven solutions, and the Hover H6 turned out to be a copy of the fourth-generation Honda CR-V, and it was very well made. From the outside, it seems that the CR-V.

Beaded Violets

Beaded Violets Today we will learn to weave violets. We promise that this process will be interesting for both beginners and masters with experience. It is with violets that the training begins in a circular weave. Therefore, if you decide to master this type.

What is crypto

What is crypt? Cryptitis is a disease in which the morgan crypt inflames. The disease can take two forms: acute and chronic. Cryptit can be a consequence of the injury of the walls of the crypts by a hard fraction of excrement. Stone, seeds.

Sweet Basket

Sweet Basket Today, delicious baskets at the peak of popularity. They can be filled with fruits or vegetables, sausages or cheeses, sweets and other sweets. This is selected taking into account the addressee's taste preferences, but there are some regularities. For example, it would.

New Year Card

New Year Card At the time of the New Year holidays, training on making a greeting card will be relevant. I will show you a simple postcard version that does not require much time and money. You can make this card with your child.

Air brushwood

Air brushwood Air brushwoodis a recipe. Ingredients: wheat flour 2.5 glasses; milk 50 g; sour cream 70 gr; soda; chicken eggs 2 pieces; vanilla on the tip of a knife; granulated sugar 1 tbsp. l.; Vodka 2 tbsp. l.; Vinegar powdered sugar vegetable oil.

Monkey Socks

Monkey Socks In any family there is a bag or box where the mittens and socks that have lost their pair are kept. This fun hand-made article allows not only to sew a new favorite soft toy with your child, but also to unload.

Soft frame

Soft frame Reading master classes, one has to face such a problem as the lack of the necessary material. But after all, handicraft means creativity, so make your crafts from what is on hand, replacing expensive materials. In this master class, I will tell.

Stone Box

Stone casket If after repair you have left a decorative textured plaster, primer with quartz filler, empty spools of adhesive tape, do not rush to throw them out, all this may be useful for making caskets. First you need to make the basis for.

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