Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap Stages of performance of work: First stage: prepare the base. Remove the jar with any alcohol or soap solution. We cover the entire surface with several layers of white gouache paint (so as not to see through the label). Dry each layer.

Lie Detector

Lie Detector. The speed of the instrument (Figure 2) is controlled by the variable R1. To terminal clamps, except for the galvanomer, you can connect the pilot. It is also possible to supplement an assistive amplifier with an anti-aircraft or an alternate mechanism, or.


Lingonberry Do you know how out of ordinary things you can make a beautiful decoration for your window? No, then I will show you now, and, of course, I will tell you how you can make lingonberries with your own hands. For this we.

Doll Charm

Doll Charm of Threads I love working with threads. I knit, crochet, embroider, make paintings in the style of string art and nitkografiya. It is so relaxing after a hard day's work, distracting from household chores, that in the morning you want to live.

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