Palm tree from a plastic bottle with their own hands - photo, video, how to make

Plastic bottle palm

Plastic bottle palm

It is possible to plant a palm tree in your summer cottage, but it is unlikely to succeed in this heat-loving plant in a changeable climate. But who does not want to introduce some southern exotic for summer cottage or garden plot?


The palm tree can be artificial, and it is not necessary to buy an expensive imitation wrapped in fabric. You can make a beautiful southern plant with your own hands - from plastic bottles.


True, for a palm tree “on a scale of one to one,” a rather large number will be needed — what is not a way to get rid of deposits of empty plastic bottles from mineral water and lemonade, accumulating at almost every summer house for more than one year?


Large bottles are best suited - both for the barrel (at least two-liter containers are needed here, but round, not rectangular, like bottles of some types of mineral water) and for the leaves to make them wider.


It is also better to get a garden pruner, a drill or a large, long awl that you need to be heated by the fire in order for the holes in the plastic to turn out neat. Try to carry out the "assembly" of the palm tree and the preparation of its elements immediately in the fresh air - the pungent smell of burning plastic is poorly weathered from the premises. But the time to create such a palm tree from plastic bottles will have to spend not so much.


Video: how to make a palm tree with your own hands


In order to better understand all the nuances of the instructions of our master class, watch this video: a palm tree from plastic bottles is gradually being collected on it.



To make this product from plastic bottles, you will need:

  • empty brown plastic bottles for the trunk (the height of the palm tree will depend on their number, so it will take at least 30 pieces);
  • green plastic bottles (for leaves. If you want a lush palm, then you need at least 20 pieces);
  • pruner, awl or drill and open fire;
  • wooden thin stick or pin.


1. Cut a neck (at least 15 cm) from one of the brown plastic bottles. All the other bottles for the barrel must be cut off the bottom - here we need it, so the bottom should be at least 10 cm high too.

Plastic bottle palm

At all donyshk pierce with an awl, heated on fire, whether drill a hole in the center.


To make the palm more natural, you can slightly prun the pruner slightly upper edge of all bottoms - in nature, the trunks of the palms are not smooth.


2. Now it will be necessary to strung all the bottoms on the pin or stick through the hole made below. All bottoms should “fold” into each other, - due to this, firstly, authenticity will be achieved, a palm tree grows like this, with sectors, and secondly, the design will be sustainable.


The sector consisting of a bottle should be at the top. Leaves will be attached to it.


3. Now make the leaves. For all green bottles, cut the bottom, and then cut the resulting blanks vertically into two parts, but not reaching the neck about 2-3 cm. The two green halves will stick to the neck, but stick out in different directions, like two large sheets.


Now decorate the sheets: round them with a pruner, make cuts along the edges to make them fluffy.


4. Fix the finished sheets on the trunk in any way - the easiest of them: strung them in a row on the rest of the pin sticking out of the trunk, so that the pin was completely hidden by them.You can also incise the neck on the sides of the trunk and insert the leaves into the cuts.


Palma is ready! It can be put in the garden, near the gate (then it’s better to make two) or in the playground. In order for the palm to be stable, dig it into the sand, poured into a flowerbed or an old car tire. Paint the tire or fence under the color of palm trees or sand, in yellow-green, joyful color of the tropical coast.

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