Pamela Anderson threw the world champion because of the children

The star hopes that the beloved will return to the former wife.

No one would have thought that the recognized "Rescuer Malibu" would refuse her lover to a marriage proposal. Despite the 19-year difference in age with her man, defender of the Sevilla club and the French team Adil Rami, Pamela even thought of becoming a mother. The actress confessed in an interview: “He calls me an alien. He says that I should be 30 years old, not 50 ". Stars seriously planned wedding.

When France became the world champion, Adil fulfilled his promise. He made a proposal to the star and presented a diamond ring from the world famous brand Cartier. But it was not there! Apparently, Pamela burned out and as a result gave him a negative answer.

Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami

Recall that the handsome Adil Rami broke up with his civil wife model Sidonie Biemon. The couple brought up two-month-old sons - Zayn and Madi.They say that it was the twins who became the weighty reason for Pamela’s firm decision. After the star talked to the children of her beloved, she realized how little time her father spends. She considered that the main reason for such rare meetings of the father with the kids was. As you know, boys especially need male attention. Pamela still hopes that Adil will come to its senses and return to the former wife.

Recall that Pamela herself is a mother and even tried to become her several times, but all turned out to be unsuccessful. She keenly perceives everything related to children. She has two sons from her first marriage to rock musician Tommy Lee: Brandon Thomas, 22, and Dylan Jagger, 20. It is also known that in June 1995, Anderson had a miscarriage. Five years later, the couple broke up. Then the actress of the year was married to another rock musician Kid Rock. In November, she again had a miscarriage, and the stars parted. Film actress Rick Salomon became the third spouse of the artist. They tried to build their happiness two times in 2007–2008 and in 2014–2015.

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