Pancakes with nuts from alexander spleneva

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200 gramsSugar25 gramsChicken eggs4 pieces + 3 yolksMilk500 millilitersLiqueur (Amaretto)75 gramsGhee100 gramsHazelnuts (chop)40 grams
Milk500 millilitersSugar100 gramsCream (patesier)30 gramsChicken eggs2 piecesAlmond (crushed flakes)30 gramsPraline100 grams

Alexander Seleznev is the country's most famous confectioner, a popular TV host, winner of the World Cup of Cooking in Luxembourg and the absolute champion of Russia in pastry art, author of many books on cooking.

Mix the dry ingredients, then gradually liquid in a small amount to avoid lumps. Add ghee at the end. Pancakes bake on one side. Stuffing like custard. Praline add to milk. Add crushed almond flakes to the cream. On the ready cold pancakes spread with a thin layer of cold stuffing, roll up the roll, cut off the ends.Serve on a plate cold, with orange slices and a small the amount of orange sauce. Decorate with mint or candied orange. Pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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