Panther in a dream - interpretation

If you have observed an exciting vision, but do not know what the panther dreams about, become more attentive. This animal is a symbol of your talents. From his behavior and manners in a dream depends on the development of your plans. Sleep indicates the possibility of their implementation. In psychology, a panther can be a symbol of the fear a person feels before the forces of darkness and all unidentified.

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Dream panther
Dream panther

Family Dream

Sleep made you lose control of yourself from the fear of animals - be careful. If you rush to do business, an important contract can be terminated. You managed to defeat the panther in a dream - luck will be on your side. Expect financial gains that will result from your hard work and willingness to take risks. Most likely a favorable set of circumstances will affect not only you, but also those who helped in the implementation of the plan.

Panther behaves too aggressively - know in advance that business partners will not keep their own promises.Hear the roar of the panther, from which it becomes scary - expect a decrease in profits. You will have to work hard to get everything back to normal. If in a dream you were not scared, then thanks to determination you can avoid negative situations.

East Dream

You see a panther and you are afraid of its terrible appearance - the enemies are plotting against you. It is possible that they will be able to slander you. If you managed to get rid of the panther, defeating her, you can not worry. Your courage and determination will help get rid of the enemies. The terrifying roar of the panther is a precursor to the decline in material profit.

Dream Miller

Panther: dream book explains the vision in this way:

  1. They saw a panther and felt the fear of it - marriage or business arrangements may be canceled, which will cause great damage to the dreamer.

  2. If the panther is defeated, expect a quick material benefit that may affect not only you, but also those who worked on the same task.

  3. A panther in a dream can become a negative symbol if it looks like it is going to debunk you. Most likely someone will not fulfill the promise given to you.

The roar of the panther, from which you are terrified, means that your material well-being will soon be in decline. Most likely this will happen because of conflicts with society. If you do not experience fear in your sleep, then problems can be solved. Be careful, then the trouble will embrace you.

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