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It seems to many housewives that cooking home-made pate is an overwhelming work and hassle, it can cope with which not everyone is capable of, and why, when there is a huge number of multi-colored jars with fragrant pate content on the shelves.

But everything is not so difficult and unreal as it may seem at first glance, it turns out that if you follow some simple rules and recommendations, you can make an incredibly tasty, tender and soft pate at home.

Tasty snack

But still, how to cook a delicious homemade pate? We will tell you the recipe for cooking this dish a bit later, and first we will share some interesting facts. Traditionally, such a dish is made from giblets or meat, to which spices, onions and carrots, mushrooms, truffles or other products that suit the taste are added.

Many countries with great perseverance ascribe to themselves the idea of ​​making such a dish, but in all respects, which they don’t say, the trendsetter, Ms. France, is leading.

It is believed that the history of this delicate and exquisite dish began right here, somewhere in the province of Gascony or Périgord. According to the French, this is where the famous goose liver cooking, foie gras, originates!

Original feed

This culinary product is the work of one French chef Jean Pierre Clos, who, by order of the Marshal of France, came up with something new, “native-French”.

Very quickly the aroma and refinement of the dish came to taste to the French king, and then migrated to traditional French cuisine, becoming the number one dish in the overall rating of culinary delights.

In our area, the pate did not appear immediately, at first it cost very expensive and was brought from abroad as a delicacy. Over time, there were other cooking recipes, instead of goose liver they began to use pork, beef, and even chicken, as a result, the dish acquired new colors and flavors.

Today pate is made on an industrial scale, anyone can try something like this, you just have to go to the store. Since then, when the first recipe of this dish appeared, a lot has changed, including the cooking technology, but, nevertheless, the essence remains the same.

The great privilege of homemade pate is that you always know what exactly is included in its composition, in contrast to store products, where the rules and technologies of its preparation are not always followed. That is why liver pate, cooked at home, is always tastier and more appetizing than shop. Try it yourself and you can easily see it!

What are we going to make pate from?

Pate snacks are not just an incredibly tasty dish, they are also a very healthy product, which is considered the champion of vitamins and minerals among other meat dishes. This is vitamin C, vitamin A, as well as vitamins of group B, which can bring a lot of benefit to the human body.

The combination of delicate and bright taste, as well as great utility, justifies such a high popularity of the dish.

In order for the pate to really turn out tasty and healthy, it is necessary to follow a single, but very important, rule: the liver for it must always be fresh and of high quality.

This is the main secret of the dish, because the liver is a special product that filters all the “nastiness” that passes through the animal’s body, so it’s better that it was the former “property” of a young animal.

It is better to choose a fresh liver, on a frozen one it is very difficult to make out what quality it really is. Pay attention to the color and smell of the product: if the liver is of good quality, then it should not be too dark or too light, there should be no spots or dried spots on the surface, it should be firm and smooth.

Looks appetizing

Fresh liver always has a pleasant, slightly sweetish smell, but if you feel sourish, slightly unpleasantly amber, then, most likely, the product is spoiled, it is better not to buy it. You can use any liver for pate: pork will be more tender, but beef will be tougher and rougher. Chicken pate is an amateur; it is lighter than the others, and at a price it will be cheaper.

If you decide to cook beef pate, then be sure to remove the top film from it, it is not difficult to do this, and also remove all large veins and vessels. In addition to the liver, always something is added to the pate for taste, such as boiled carrots, onions, pieces of mushrooms and various spices that will enrich your dish with additional flavoring notes.

Remember that the liver spoils quite quickly, so you need to know how to properly store the pâté so that you can treat yourself to such a delicacy some time later.

To do this, put the finished product in pre-sterilized jars, and then roll them in the same lids. Laid pate must be poured on top of vegetable oil so that it covers it completely.

Pate making recipe

  • liver - 600 g;
  • butter - 120 g;
  • carrots - 2 pieces;
  • onions (larger) - 1 pc .;
  • lard - 50 g;
  • vegetable oil, salt, pepper.

The liver is thoroughly washed underwater, if necessary, remove the films, membranes and bile ducts, and then cut it into small pieces.

Next, fry the liver pieces in vegetable oil, waiting until it is covered with a light, light crust. Carrots and onions are pre-peeled, and then cut into small pieces.

With crispy bread

To the fried pieces of liver we add for the appearance of softness a piece of fat, pour the onions and carrots into the pan, and then all together is fried until ready. Now the most interesting thing remains: pour all the contents of the pan into a blender and grind to the desired consistency.

Do not forget that your dish looked appetizing, it must be properly decorated.Of course, the easiest option is to spread it on bread or a loaf in the form of sandwiches, from above you can add a piece of greens, a cucumber or sprat.

You can come up with something more interesting, for example, to mold a pate in the form of small hedgehogs or balls. From above, your liver creations can be decorated with cheese "fur coat" or butter, grated on a fine grater. Another design option - in the form of a roll, for this it is necessary to lay out on the food film, spread out across the surface with a thin layer.

Next, cover the pate with softened butter, roll the film into a roll, and then send it to the fridge until it cools down.

When the roll has cooled, the film can be easily removed, and it can be cut into small portions and beautifully laid out on a dish. If you want to please yourself with something unusual, then try adding mushrooms, eggs, prunes or other vegetables to the total mass.

Enjoy delicious pate with pleasure!

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