"Patrick Melrose" and 4 more new series of May

"Patrick Melrose"

Exit:12 May

Benedict Cumberbatch for the first time since "Sherlock" starring in the series. His hero is an aristocrat and an alcoholic with a bunch of childhood injuries, unbalanced and touching, insecure and obsessed with the past. Who else, if Cumberbatch could not play the role of Hamlet, could play such an ambivalent hero! By the way, Benedikt dreamed about the role of Patrick Melrose for several years. No wonder he is one of the executive producers.

The series will not be long - only five episodes, exactly the number of semi-autobiographical books about Patrick Melrose, written by Briton Edward St. Aubin. The novels about the British establishment and children's trauma were covered in a script by David Nichols, the author of very nice books (“We”, “One Day”) and scripts (“Away from a distraught crowd”).

"Sweet bitterness"

Exit:the 6th of May

The series tells the eternal story of the conquest of a big city by a young girl. Big-eyed and pretty, like an anime character,Tess is arranged as a waitress in a cool New York restaurant and plunges into a new world in which fun and sex are no less than alcohol and hopeless longing.
The series, which is released on the Starz channel, is based on the book by Stephanie Danler, which seems to have partially experienced everything described. Starring Ella Purnell, who in 2014 played Maleficent as a child.


Exit:May 10

Michael C. Hall, aka Dexter, is back. In the new series of the Netflix channel, the actor plays the doctor Tom Delaney, whose wife died of cancer. One day, Tom’s eldest daughter does not come home from a tumultuous party. The disappearance of the daughter brings to the surface, it seemed forever buried secrets. Paired with Michael K. Hall is Amanda Abbington, known as the wife of Dr. Watson in the TV series "Sherlock".

"Very English scandal"


"Very English scandal"

Hugh Grant and Ben Whishou play the lead roles in a three-part British TV series about the loud sex scandal that actually happened. In the late 70s of the 20th century, a member of parliament, Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, appeared in court for hiring a killer for his former lover-fashion model.The court justified the policy, but its reputation was forever damaged.


Exit:May 4th

Danish-American series about poisonous rain that burned out all living things. Only a few survived, sheltered in a bunker. Six years after the tragedy, the grown-up brother and sister leave the shelter to try to find their father and start living in a new scary world, where everything is against each other, and the rain represents a mortal danger. Brand Scandinavian gloomy atmosphere, gray tones and soul-taking melancholic soundtracks in the eight-series first season is full.

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