Peanut Sauce Kebab - Cooking Recipe

Skewers with peanut sauce photoPeanut Sauce Kebab - Cooking Recipe

Lemongrass, curry leaves and tamarind pulp can be bought at grocery stores that specialize in oriental cuisine. To make tamarind juice, soak a piece of marinda pulp the size of a peanut in 125 ml of warm water until softened. Strain the liquid through a sieve ‘and carefully mash the tamarind with a wooden spoon.


To make fried onion flakes, heat the peanut or coconut oil in a pan so hot it covers the onion. Dip into the butter a ready dried onion and immediately remove the frying pan from the fire. Remove the onion with a wide fish knife before it burns and dry on a napkin. In sauces for Indonesian dishes, fried and ground peanuts can always be replaced with peanut butter and nut pieces. However, as a result of this replacement, the dish will lose some of the flavor, so it’s best to make an effort and cook the peanuts yourself.

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