Ideal wardrobe for sea travel

Sea travel differs from many others in that, on the one hand, you are in one place, and on the other, you change countries and cities. On this basis, it is necessary to take into account the living conditions on board, the weather overboard and on land. Whatever the ship, be it a small ship, a large ship or a yacht, the wardrobe will be about the same.

What things are better to take in a sea voyage?

It is necessary to take a responsible approach to the selection of all clothing sets for the events that you wish to attend. You also need to pay attention to the fact that clothes should be easy to wash, do not dry for a long time and do not crumple. It is not recommended to take clothes that require special care. Be sure to take care not to freeze, as it is usually cold at sea at night.

Bring a windbreaker or warm sweater. So you can feel comfortable at any time, plus everything, such things fit perfectly into your wardrobe.In addition, a good option for a walk or breakfast will be T-shirts or T-shirts, combined with denim shorts or torn jeans.

If your plans to get a tan, do not forget about safety and do not allow long-term exposure to the sun. It is best to sunbathe before 11 am or after 16 pm. At other times it is recommended to wear a tunic on top of a bathing suit, it is she who will save you from the sun's rays. They do not take up much space, and are an additional touch in your outfit.

It is not recommended to take dark clothes on rest, as there is a high probability of overheating in the sun. Things from synthetics do not include in the list of your wardrobe, because in sunny weather in such things the body sweats quickly, and things stick to it, which causes inconvenience. An excellent option would be things from light and natural fabrics (cotton, cotton or knitwear).

It is recommended to wear clothes that are comfortable in the first place. These are dresses, T-shirts, shorts or skirts. T-shirts is best to take 4-5 pieces of different colors. To avoid burning shoulders or sunstroke, wear closed clothing and hats.Hats exist for different styles, these are hats, bandanas, kerchiefs, caps and so on. They are fashionable accessories and protect you from harm to the body.

Dresses are best to take two kinds: long, in which you can safely go for a walk along the embankment or go to a restaurant, and short, in which it is convenient to go for a walk. As for shoes, then it is better to pick up without a heel. In unpretentious ballet shoes your leg will be more comfortable, and with high heels, you can quickly get tired or easily fall. Take a few pairs of shoes on the trip is not worth it.

The main attribute of the sea is a swimsuit. Without him, the trip does not succeed. Swimwear is recommended to take not one, but 2-3. All this is explained by the fact that one swimsuit can be put on the beach, the other in the water park, and the third - as a change listed.

In the journey it is better to take different models. This is not only a bikini, but also, for example, a sweet dress that is perfect for a party on the beach, or just a gang that will give your body an even tan. Special shorts are suitable for those who wish to hide the flaws of their bodies. These models you can easily find in any large store.

The next important component of your image is a pareo. It can be for you a beautiful sundress, light skirt, or a cape. Also an integral part of your wardrobe at the sea is underwear, which is best to take a few sets. You will also need pajamas and a light bathrobe.

If your plans include visits to excursions, then you definitely need sports clothing for outdoor activities. This is either a tracksuit or leggings with a regular T-shirt. Do not forget about socks made of cotton.

A lot of cosmetics should not be taken on a cruise, because not only the body and brain, but also the skin should take a rest. Take care of sunscreen or lotion in advance, as you can hardly buy it on board. In addition to all this, be sure to take with you a small first-aid kit, which includes the following drugs: analgin, aspirin, iodine, and food poisoning pills. Of course, all this can be found in pharmacies upon arrival at your destination, but it is best to take care of your health in advance.

If you are planning to visit a place where it is very cold and damp, then take in the suitcase a windbreaker with a hood and a lot of pockets, or simply a raincoat made of thick material. It is necessary to take care of clothes that can not be dried.To do this, take a few plastic bags in which you can temporarily put it. A folding umbrella will also not be superfluous on a trip.

And lastly, we recall the cultural traditions of different countries. Despite the fact that Asian and American countries are quite liberal, the Arab resorts are more conservative. Wearing a regular mini-skirt or opening a neckline, you can simply spoil your vacation. Based on this, it is not necessary to provoke the locals.
All of the above will be quite enough for a successful holiday. Enjoy your trips!

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