Photos taken in the Japanese hospital, surprised the whole world

Caution! Looking at these pictures, I want to immediately leave for the Land of the Rising Sun and become a mother of many children.

Japan is an incredible place. On the one hand, the country is very refined people: punctual, rational, incredible workaholics. On the other hand, only there you can meet some unreal freak, when an old man is hiding under a wig, make-up and uniform of a schoolgirl. But one thing is certain: the health of their citizens in Japan is taken care of nowhere else. Healthy nutrition is taught from infancy. And I want to live in maternity hospitals. Why? Now tell. And show.

In the social network Imgur recently appeared photos of shocking content, made in the Japanese maternity hospital. Published their native of the United States, which had a chance to give birth in this island country. Now her experience is eager to repeat thousands of inhabitants of social networks: “I want to give birth in Japan. I am a man, I am 60 years old, ”the young mother’s followers write under the pictures.“And I can pretend to be your baby if you share food with me,” others ask. A woman who works in one of the American hospitals, admitted that the food they serve patients looks like leftovers after they ate the hospital staff.

In general, this food is just a dream. See for yourself.

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