Pillow from an old jacket

Even if there are worn holes on the sleeves of your favorite sweaters, and buttons are lost, it can benefit its owner. For example, you can make a cozy decorative pillowcase on a sofa cushion from an old sweater or sweater.

Sewing a decorative pillow case from an old jacket is very simple.First, measure the existing pillow-pillow you want to keep on the sofa in a new decorative pillowcase.

Make a pillowcase pattern from a newspaper according to the dimensions obtained, attach it to an old jacket or sweater so that the damaged or worn-out parts of the fabric do not fall into the future product. As a rule, it is best to choose the middle part of the sweater.

Pin the pillowcase to the sweater (sweater), cut out the necessary parts of the fabric, remembering to add 1-2 cm to the seam.

Sew from the inside of the pieces of the jacket, trying to pick up all the loops that can "go." This is best done on a sewing machine with a zigzag stitch, choosing a small step. Place the pillow inside, sew new buttons that fit to the size and fasten them.If you do not have a sweater on buttons, but a sweater, then when stitching you must leave one side not completely sewn up and sew it up manually, with a secret stitch, after the pillow is inside.

Helpful advice. DFor sewing such a decorative pillow case from an old jacket, choose a jacket or sweater that is tied with braids, knobs, interesting lace (if you have lace, you will have to do the lining!). If the knitting of the product is very simple, try to decorate the pillowcase with satin stitch (for embroidery on woolen fabric, it is better to take woolen threads).

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