Planck, or How to achieve a steel press

Who among us does not dream of a beautiful waist and a neat, tightened stomach ?! To achieve the result, many weary themselves with daily twists, but the muscle corset can be strengthened and with the help of one simple, but very effective exercise - the bar.

Planck is a basic tonic exercise not only for all the abdominal muscles, but also for the muscles of the shoulders, back and legs. This is a great tool for those who want to say goodbye to excess volume on the stomach and see the coveted press dice, moreover, the bar can be performed almost anywhere where there is 2 meters of free space, on the floor or on the mat.

Many attribute the bar to abdominal exercises, but this is not quite true. This is a complex exercise that makes all the muscles of the body work, including the abs. The most important rule is an even position of the back. The lumbar region must be completely flat. You can not bend or round the waist.

Planck, or How to achieve a steel press

How to stand in the bar? How often? What time is it?

Planck brings the maximum result, if you perform it daily, at the same time, gradually increasing the load. Exercise time varies from 20 seconds to 2 minutes (depending on the training and endurance). It is better to stand in the bar less, but with the correct technique than 2 minutes with deflection in the lower back. At first glance it may seem that anyone can stand 30 seconds in the bar. However, in this simple-looking exercise, there are several rules that are important to follow in order for all the necessary muscles to work properly.

  • The legs should be in a straight position. If the knees are slightly bent when performing the exercise, this will increase the load on the lower back, which will complicate an already difficult exercise.
  • Buttock muscles when performing exercises should be as tense as possible. This will allow, firstly, to strengthen them, and secondly, it is better to work out.
  • Hold the basin parallel to the floor, twist it. It will also ease the load on the lower back.
  • Joints under the joints - make sure your elbows or wrists are located just below the shoulder joints (unless indicated otherwise).
  • Neck, head, shoulders form a single line, do not strain them.
  • Do not forget about breathing. Starting to do the exercise, breathe calmly, as soon as you feel that the load increases and you do not have the strength to stand, begin to inhale deeply and slowly exhale the air.

Options strap

You can start from a lightweight position on your knees and gradually move on to more complex ones, such as, for example, a side bar.

Classic slat

Accept the prone position. Bend your arms in elbows and fix them strictly under the shoulder joints (so as not to create an extra load on the shoulders), keep your feet together. The legs, abdomen and buttocks should be in constant tension. The head, neck and back should be a straight line. To achieve this, look down at the floor. In this position, try to hold at least 30 seconds. Rest for a minute and take another couple of approaches for 30 seconds.

Lightweight version of the bar

This variation of the exercise for the press is suitable for beginners with poorly developed muscles. Take the starting position: stand on your knees, bent at the elbow of the hands put on the floor. Thus, the housing must be parallel to the working surface. As you exhale, lift your upper body, lowering your knees to the floor.Try to stay in this position for 30-40 seconds. Relax and make a few more approaches.

Plank with raised arm and leg

Two of these exercises - one of the most complex, and they are more suitable for advanced. The starting position, as in the classic version of the exercise: the forearms rest against the floor strictly under the shoulders, the whole body forms a straight line parallel to the floor. Lean on your left hand and stretch your right hand forward. Exert your muscles as much as possible and try to stand in that position for as long as possible. Do the same with the other hand. The plank with the raised leg is similar: transfer part of the weight to the left leg, lifting the straight right limb from the floor, and vice versa.

Side bar

The side plank is another type of plank, the performance of which is better suited to be sufficiently trained. The exercise is performed from a prone position on its side. The emphasis is on the bent forearm and feet. The body is flat diagonal. The muscles are all tense, the stomach is retracted. The forearm and one leg are used as a support. The second leg is raised up, like the free hand. The body and the supporting leg form a strict diagonal.During the exercise, the main load goes to the obliques and the inner surface of the thigh.

Ball strap (fitball)

Allows you to increase the multifunctionality of the exercise, adding to the work of the muscles the development of a sense of balance. The main difficulty of implementation is not to draw shoulders with the balance on the ball. Otherwise, the usual requirements. It is worth noting that the ball can be used as a support for the hands, and for positioning the legs on it.

Life hacking

Our body is lazy, and the brain is cunning - none of them want to exhaust themselves once again and no matter how strained. But we want a beautiful relief press, tucked back and legs, and in our power to deceive the body when doing the strap.

The secret lies in the countdown. We recommend to stand in the bar not on the timer on the phone, but on the stopwatch, and do not look at it. When the timer rings, we feel that we can no longer stand, and we fall. With the stopwatch, the subconscious works a little differently, and we can stay longer, but exactly until we see a “decent” round figure on it (for example, 1 minute). It seems to us a minute of achievement is a feat, and we, with a clear conscience and a sense of accomplishment of duty, fall to the floor, and in fact we could stand longer. We recommend not to look at it after pressing the start button on the stopwatch.Well, if you could not resist and looked, noticing that the time in the bar is approaching a round figure, immediately take your eyes and imagine that you just got up to the bar. And do not be distracted by pain and burning, endure, sing, clench your teeth or beat a familiar melody with your fingers across the floor. This will help brighten the minutes of your persistent and heroic standing in the bar.

Planck, or How to achieve a steel press

For sports inspiration, we recommend to look at Instagram, where you can get acquainted with the results of the lovers of the bar (hashtags # plank every day and # one without plan). There are not only photos of people who make the bar at home, at work, in the park, on vacation, but also screenshots of time spent in the bar. He motivates so much that in addition to the morning bar at home, you will want to perform the bar at lunchtime at work, on a clean carpet at the desktop, when colleagues go to lunch in an orderly manner.

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